Create a professional website and how to profit from it

How to create a website and profit from it is what many website owners are concerned about, where Internet profit has occupied the minds of many in the last period, so we publish a program for you to create a profitable website and to achieve monthly profit and income in detail and in a correct and proven way from us, so we advise you to read the topic carefully.

Create a professional website and how to profit from it

How to create a website and make money from it

One of the most famous and best ways to profit from the internet is to create a website (blog) and post distinctive content on it, then visits come to your site and you benefit from advertisements or the sale of commission-based products.

Recently, many people have told us that they are working online and profiting from it, and for many, this is seen as the main source of income rather than a job.

This is the most popular method that many follow, which we will explain in detail, God willing.

To create a website (blog) and profit from it, follow these steps

1. Determine the niche or site specialization

The first step to making a website is to choose the specialization of the site, it is very important, and you must have a background, even simple, on the field in which you want to create a site, because it implies choosing the name of the site and the domain, the domain is the site link.
There are many different fields you can choose from and get started in, such as sports, news, art, education, fashion, and many other different fields.

2. Choosing the right domain for your site

After choosing the site name, you need to purchase the domain, which is preferably .com, as it is the most popular extension among people. For example, we say you have chosen the field of fashion and you want to specialize only in publishing You can name the site with an appropriate name to specialize in as dresses, for example, so the domain appropriate be Fasaten .com for example.

Bluehost is one of the most well-known companies specializing in reservation domains and has proven to be a money-makers. Bluehost also specializes in reservation hosting, which we will discuss in the next step.

3.Choosing a reliable company and the right hosting for the site

Hosting is one of the most important things to choose carefully as it greatly affects the performance of your site or blog in the future. You definitely don't want a weak company and bad hosting that makes your site stops at any time.


Therefore, we advise you to choose solid hosting from a reliable and reputable company, and at vilados we use hosting from Bluehost, the company stands out for its packages suitable for everyone. There are also other companies that provide the same service. You can choose one of them, but we advise you to start with the lowest plan and when the number of visitors increases and you start making profits, you can increase your hosting capacities and change the plan on a higher plane.

4. Choosing the right content management platform for you

Of course, we recommend that you use the WordPress platform, because it is the most famous platform in the world in content management, and it is the one we use at vilados.

Don't worry about how to install WordPress on your site on your hosting, as many hosting companies offer this feature in the Cpanel control panel by simply clicking Install WordPress.WordPress installation will start automatically and you can get started with free platforms such as Blogger.

5.Choose the right design for your site

Design is very important because it greatly affects the psychology of your site visitors. The more distinctive, cohesive and comfortable the site design, the more visitors there will be.

There are two types of designs that you can use for free and they are widely found on the internet, but we don't prefer you to use them because they could be hacked and harm your site.

The other type is paid designs, and we advise you to purchase a Publisher template.

6.Writing useful content

Content is the foundation of the site, as they say, content is king, so you must post useful content for the visitor so that he knows the name of your site and visits you again whenever he finds you in Google when searching.

You can write the content yourself if you have the necessary copywriting and copywriting skills, and if you don't have the necessary ability, you can hire a content writer to do the task for you.

One of the specialized sites that provide the service, like Fiverr in English.

Or you can search Facebook for groups that bring together freelancers, the most famous of which are Freelance For Arabs, SEO & Adsense experience exchange, and SEO only.

7.Website Marketing

After writing some useful articles on your site, you can create a page on Facebook in the name of the site and post your articles there and post it in the groups specialized in the field of your site for people to visit, and also submit the site in Google so that it appears in Google Search via Webmaster Tools, which we will explain in detail later.

How to create a page for your site on Facebook

  • Choose a business or brand.
  • Put the page name and choose the appropriate category You can choose a website rating.
  • Put the site logo image as a profile picture.
  • And another suitable picture for the cover.
How to submit your site in Google Webmaster Tools

  • Log in to the webmaster tool.
  • Then click on Start now.
  •   You will be asked to register with your Gmail account.
  • After registration, you click on add property.
  • Then confirm your ownership of the site according to the choices it will provide to you.
8. Start making money on your site

Once the site has received visitors from search engines and social media, then you can place ads on the site by subscribing to Google Adsense, which is the most famous in this field, or commission marketing for the one of the products relevant to your site's domain and earn a commission for each product you sell.

How to sign up for Google Adsense

  • Log in to Google Adsense.
  • Then click on get started.
  • Then you will be asked to login with your Gmail account.
  • After this step, you can submit your site in Google Adsense.
But before you apply for Google Adsense, we advise you to have the site largely ready, and to be more specific, we will set some conditions that when you reach them, you can submit your site to Google Adsense.

The site must contain a number of high-quality articles and have at least 30 articles.
Spend on the site at least 3 months.
As for visits, they will not affect the acceptance or rejection of your request, but it is better to have even a small number of visitors so that you can make a profit.

9.Highly Profitable Website Ideas

17 unique ideas for ideas for websites and blogs. If you like any of them, implement it immediately and don't forget to tell us which idea you liked the most, and also put an idea in the comments, so we answered the question of how to create a website and profit from it.

  • Website dedicated to weight loss.
  • A site specializing in the field of tourism and travel.
  • An online store for the sale of products and services.
  • A site specializing in food and cooking recipes.
  • A site that specializes in reviewing one type of product, such as phones.
  • A personal blog to post your experiences.
  • A site specializing in games and its latest news.
  • A site specializing in one type of sport, such as football.
  • A site specializing in the interpretation of visions and dreams.
  • A site specializing in providing questions and answers.
  • Children's education website.
  • Site specializing in fashion and beauty.
  • Hairdressing website.
  • Site specialized in the teaching of foreign languages.
  • A site specializing in teaching fishing.
  • A site specializing in sayings and judgment.
  • A site specializing in children's stories.

Enlarge the site and increase the content

All you have to do in this step is to post more special topics in order to increase the number of visitors and thus increase your profits.

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