Explanation of Facebook Ads Manager

A comprehensive guide on Facebook Ads Manager

The way to manage Ads Manager is simple and you can learn how to navigate the main menu in just a few steps.

Ads Manager is one of the tools of the popular social networking site Facebook, which offers users the ability to create and manage advertising campaigns.

With the Facebook Ads Manager, you can view all campaigns and ad groups, make various changes to them, and see the results.

Explanation of Facebook Ads Manager

vilados will provide you with an explanation of Facebook Ads Manager that will help you learn the basics in order to create and analyze in detail an advertising campaign.

Explanation of Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager is one of the services provided by the social networking site, in order to make users aware of the use of advertising cases on its brands and thus increase sales on the products they offer.

There are also advertising campaigns launched by users on all social networking sites in addition to their presence on the Google search engine and many other platforms that have a lot of followers, and through the following paragraphs we will explain the Facebook Ads Manager.

How Facebook Ads Manager Works

The user can create his own advertising campaign, and this can be done by creating an account on the social networking site Facebook and knowing the following steps:
  • The user first logs in to his account on Facebook by entering his email or phone number and password and then pressing the login icon.
  • After opening the user's account, he accesses the advertising account from the side menu of the main page.
  • After that, the user chooses to create an advertisement from the list.
  • After that, the site will go to the page of the Ads Manager.
How Facebook Ads Manager Works
  • After that, the user clicks on the settings tab to set their own ad account.
  • Then he fills in the data required in order to launch his advertising campaign, and the data required includes the following points:
  1. The user selects the time zone of the country in which he wishes to publish the ad.
  2. After that, the user chooses the type of currency in which he wants to pay the launch fee for the advertising campaign.
  3. Writing of the commercial purpose of the advertising campaign, so the user writes the name of the company, its address, and the country in which the activity is located.
  4. Then the user clicks the Save Changes icon.
  • Then the user adds the method they want to pay, then all the fees to be paid will appear.

How to set a Facebook ad

The user can define his own advertisement that he wants to run on the Facebook social networking site, and this can be done by adjusting the following points:

  1. The user first chooses a name for the advertising campaign he wishes to launch on Facebook.
  2. The user must adjust the visits to the websites.
  3. User can design their own advertising campaign by adding videos and designs.
  4. In case the user wants to present an offer to his site visitors, please enable the display mechanism option.
  5. The user must choose the category in which they want the advertisement to appear, and the types of categories the user can target vary and include:
  • It is possible to target the same category or a new category.
  • You can choose which category to target based on their age, nationality, or languages, and you need to specify the country in which you want to run the ad campaign.
  • It is possible to go deeper into choosing the target group, as it is possible to choose the category based on behaviors, interests or demographics.
  • It is possible for the user to target the friends of people who subscribe to his advertising page.
6. The user chooses the sites where their advertising campaign will appear, such as a post on the home page, instant messages and other sites.

7. Then, the user selects the budget he wishes to devote to his advertising campaign as well as the start and end date of the campaign.

How to make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook

After adjusting all ad account settings, the user can create a sponsored ad by following these steps:
  1. The user first goes to their ad page and then clicks on create campaign.
  2. Then he will click on the Ads Manager icon, from which he will go to the page that contains all the ads that have been made before, and then he will click on the start of a new campaign.
  3. It will then go to a page where you will ask the user to enter the objective of the ad campaign they want to run.
  4. When selecting the campaign objective, three categories of the advertising objective will appear for the user to choose from. Options include the following:
  • Conversion: This is the most advanced option that can drive the highest sales or events for an app or site.
  • Attention: This option is used if the client wants to send visits to the website page, get more interaction, watch videos, etc.
  • Brand Awareness: It can be used if the customer wants their brand to be popular.
5. After reaching the ad campaign goal, the user clicks on the word continue.
6. A new window will open containing several data that the user will have to fill in.

Thus, we have shown you the explanation of the Facebook Ads Manager, and it has become possible to create the user's advertising campaign by creating an advertising page on the Facebook social networking site, and we have offered the possibility of adjust the advertising in terms of the target group and the country in which the user wishes to launch the advertising campaign, In addition to adjusting the designs and display mechanism of the user's advertising campaign, we hope that we have helped.
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