How to become a successful blogger 2022

How to become a successful blogger 

How to become a successful blogger 2022

If you're a fan of blogging and writing in general and aren't sure where to start your professional career, you've come to exactly the right place! The following lines can be considered a complete guide to the blogging world, we will provide you with everything you need to know with clear steps on how to become a successful blogger.

The lines include the most important tips and guidelines for creating a successful blog, how to avoid common mistakes that most beginners and even professional bloggers make, how to become a unique style in the blogging world, and we also take you on a journey of successful experiences of global bloggers from zero to imaginary profits.

We promise you will leave this article knowing exactly where to start and how to get there.

Who is the blogger?

First, we need a detailed definition of the word blogger, and what is the difference between it and writer, for example? A blogger or blogger according to the English dictionary; is A person who regularly records their various opinions, thoughts, feelings, and life experiences and posts them online.

Or one who specializes in the study of a field and teaches it to others and regularly provides data to his disciples on this field. Thus, it can be concluded that the blogger is primarily a writer, but he directs his work toward the public of social media and the Internet in general, rather than books, newspapers, and traditional means of presenting content.

It is obvious that since technology has taken over a large part of our lives, writing and blogging have reserved a place for it in the Internet world. Thus, we conclude from the previous definition that blogger is a new word for writer, but of the times, and from a purely technological point of view.

The blogger must provide written value through the content they share with the public to be their path to success, and therefore several conditions must be taken into account when you create your blog.

Based on this, we can say that blogging in its simplest form and from a marketing and profit perspective is writing (we only include written blogs here) about topics in a particular interest or area that deal with specific points.

It is about providing the reader with something that is useful, good, organized, attractive and unique, i.e. not duplicated or copied from another place. And make material profit or marketing gain from this blog, either directly or indirectly.

We can put together simple definitions of the basic elements on which blogging is based:

  • Blogging: The process by which a blogger (i.e. topic writer) writes about topics in a particular discipline.
  • Blog: This is where these blogs are published.
  • Blogger: Anyone who writes an outstanding topic in a particular field and publishes it on the Internet.

Features and specifications of a successful blogger

1.A successful blogger is a professional person

There is a famous proverb that says "Know something about everything and know everything about something." It's good to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable in many areas, but when we come to the point of blogging, it's better if you specialize in one topic and have a good knowledge of it and an in-depth experience in all its aspects.

Of course, many bloggers may disagree on this, so you find that the majority of bloggers write on a variety of topics and run the tagline I can write on any topic with good research.

2.In reading, you must be exposed to different schools of thought

Read a lot of books even if you prefer one over the others. Because exposure to a literary school, content or writer would put you in the trap of imitation or theft. We want you to have your own style.

One of the most important characteristics of a professional blogger, as we said in the first point, is that he is a good reader, but you have to read from several sources, and read for different writers and bloggers, only this will make you have a color of its own.

3.A good blogger is a good reader in the first place

You should keep this phrase in mind. You must be interested in reading, whether in areas specific to your blog or in other areas related to the same field.

Even general knowledge is required; This is directly reflected in how you list topics on the blog. This is also reflected in the extent to which the public respects and accepts them. And remember that sloppy content loses a lot of its appeal even if it offers good value for money.

A successful blogger is someone who likes to read and enjoys knowledge in the field in which he has decided to specialize or blog.

4.The characteristics of a successful blogger to be the owner of attractive content

Which means that he invites the reader to complete the writing as soon as he reads the first lines. We can give you some examples:
If we wanted to write content about the extinction of wild animals, for example, which of these two primers would you rather read?

A/ "A large number of wild animals are threatened with extinction in the years to come, if governments and wildlife conservation organizations around the world do not join forces to save the day."

b/ “Imagine that a lion, an elephant, a giraffe and a bear become for your grandchildren mythical animals that do not exist in reality! This is what will certainly happen if bad human practices towards wildlife continue in various parts of the world...

The attractiveness of the content here does not mean that it is linguistically correct. Both introductions are linguistically accurate, but the appeal lies in the graceful expression of ideas and a good selection of appropriate words that make reading the valuable content enjoyable.

5.Successful blogger understands his target audience

If you listen to a lot of bloggers, you'll find that the main thing they have in common is their understanding of the nature of the audience.

It is not enough to know that my blog will bring me a cinephile audience, it is very important for me to know what cinephiles are looking for now? What topics are most important to them? What opinions do they offer on these topics?

All these questions belong to the public, a successful blogger must study them carefully, so that with its help, he can extract his new content that no one else has preceded him. Of course, browsing social networking sites will help you experience this on a daily basis.

Important tips to become a successful blogger

1. Look within and reflect and try to find the thing that always interests you and interests you. The first building block for success in blogging is finding the area or topic you are going to blog about.

Be sure that you will succeed when you find something you really like and always try to find out more about it.

2. Read and read, then read constantly on the topic you found in step one. Satisfy your curiosity by reading anything you can find on your chosen topic.

Do research on the Internet, and read books and magazines specializing in your subject. Ask specialists and, if possible, participate in study programs or courses in the field in which you will write.

3. Love your readers and treat them as living, feeling, and thinking, try to communicate your ideas to them simply and easily, and touch them on a personal level.

Make them love you and your posts and they always want to read more of your posts. Let them see your personality and get to know you well and connect with them on a deep level through your messages to them.

4. Avoid copying or stealing other people's articles and attributing them to yourself at all times. If you intend for this to become your path, blogging is not the way to go for you…. Find another way.

5. Be honest in your writing and your blogs Mention the sources on which you relied to write your subject. Try to separate the facts from your personal opinions and tell the reader when it's time to revisit your personal opinions.

6. Be a flexible thinker and make everything around you a source of inspiration for new ideas. And make your communication with your readers a source for getting new ideas through their comments on your posts. With this, you will find a constant source of new topics based on the desire of your readers.

Conditions for creating a successful blog

Your blog is your own universe that reflects your personality, in short, your blog is you! You need to make sure that you present yourself to your subscribers in a good light.

  • You need to make sure your content provides value to the audience, otherwise what will keep them coming back to your blog? Are you going to visit a blog or site that offers nothing new? Of course not.

  • It is very important to read other people's posts and engage in blogging communities. Participate in Arab and international blogging groups on social networks. Also, be sure to listen to the experiences and stories of successful bloggers and how they managed to attract those legions of followers.

  • You need to learn certain skills such as taking good photos, getting to know the field of writing and content creation, and mastering keyword targeting in order to get as many subscribers as possible for free.

  • With the help of Google Analytics, you will be able to know how did you get the new subscribers? What are your most popular topics? And what other topics should get you more followers?

  • Marketing is essential to the success of your blog, so don't expect to get a good number of subscribers after creating your blog without any marketing efforts.

  • One of the most important things you need to take care of is staying creative. Boredom and repetition will rob you of a large segment of followers.
  • You should also avoid exaggerating only the good aspects of your personality and opinions. Try to be real and close to people, admit your mistakes, mark your failures on par with your successes and be brave.
You should also encourage your followers to interact or call to action, the general public prefers participation and likes to feel they have a heard voice, make your blog vibrant.

Common mistakes to avoid

1. The biggest dilemma that most beginners in blogging face is how to write. Having talent does not necessarily mean knowing the mysteries of the language and a good linguistic presentation.

Make sure you take training courses in the language you want to launch your blog in so that the content gets out to the public. Also, make sure your writing is simple at the same time, so don't overdo it with finesse or complexity.

2. Not sticking to a specific schedule: Overdoing in posting articles to the extent that some bloggers post 10 reports or topics a day thinking it will bring them a large segment of followers, or disappear for a while. several days without sharing any subject. the scourge of bloggers. Moderation should be given to the number of posts required.

At the end of each month, bring a paper and pen, clear your mind completely, and reflect. What does the target audience need to read? What topics do you plan to cover in the days to come? What are the important events coming up in the next month?

Answer these questions and then you can visualize the calendar that will help you achieve a productive month.

3. At first, don't expect your posts to get millions of followers or hundreds of thousands of likes! Expecting this can frustrate you and make you lose the will to continue.

To help you get around the difficulty of getting subscribers at first, we recommend using the Google Trends tool. It is a really amazing tool, which will let you know the topics searched by the target audience and the most searched topics on Google in general.

4. Poor audience targeting, which is a common mistake that a lot of bloggers and marketers face because no one gets a large number of followers on their blog who don't care about the content provided in the first place!

We, therefore, suggest that you use tools that allow you to target the right keywords for the topics you want to cover. Keyword Planner is a practical and free tool, thanks to which you will discover the most important monthly search words among Google users.

5. Not respecting property rights is an important thing that many newbie bloggers overlook. The problems you may face if you violate property rights may not be limited to deleting posts or closing the blog, but the case can progress to legal action!

Imagine being arrested or fined thousands of dollars for using an anonymous or unoriginal Google image?

Be sure to get the photos and information from their original sources so you don't fall into this trap. And if you adopt photos of your own property, it will be much better and will serve the originality of your subjects. So learning photography is one of the things that can help you solve this problem.
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