How to profit from Google Maps (900$ per month) or more 2022

How to profit from Google Maps (900$ per month) 

Enjoying Google Maps is among the common ways to enjoy the Internet, today here is the best explanation on how to enjoy Google Maps and ways to enjoy Google Maps to achieve the financial freedom you have always sought from many manners.

The prevailing belief is that Google Maps is only used to find places or find out the proper walking routes and the time it takes to reach a particular destination, but no, I found I could make an amount out of it up to nine thousand US dollars per month.

How to profit from Google Maps (800$ per month) or more 2022

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is an online service that provides its users with detailed information about geographical locations and regions of the world, in addition to traditional road maps.

And Google Maps provides satellite images of many parts of the world, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

It also allows Google Maps to know the approximate time needed to reach a location and choose the shortest possible route to reach your goal based on current traffic congestion.

How do I earn a monthly salary from Google Maps only $900

At first, the application is entered on the phone or the Google Maps site, then choose the country in which you live, then the country in which you wish to work: New York because its inhabitants speak the English language which I speak.

I researched business projects that involve high profit, which means I identified the business operations through which the profit for each business is high; Because the stores earn each customer five to ten dollars.

If it's a store that makes backyard pools, makes roofs, or sells kitchens, or if the person is a lawyer or a dentist, here they get a single $500 to $1000 customer, and that's possibly more than that.

I targeted stores that sell kitchens, then followed these steps:
  • Search by app for the word kitchen store.
  • I noticed a lot of stores in this area in New York, and looked at them in order to provide them with e-marketing through social media platforms.
  • I went to the website of one of these stores and considered those that had few reviews, and their website is low quality and does not spread on social media.
  • I contacted this store and told him that there are many competitors in his field in the same field on the Internet, in addition they have several sales lines, and customers can access their accounts before going to them to buy quickly or deliver their order at home without having to worry about getting off.
  • From there, it was agreed that I would do e-marketing for him on various platforms after he heard about my experience in this field, and I started getting $9,000 a month from my house. only through google maps, which I thought would only help me know the paths when I go out.

Earning from Google Maps with points

Showing you how to earn google maps monthly salary only $900 internet profit, there are google points called local guide points, which you can avail while traveling to any country for work or tourism , which you can get from the following:

  1. Notice or classification of places.
  2. post pictures of him.
  3. Answer questions about a specific location or area.
  4. Ensure the reliability of the information.
  5. Put comments longer than 200 characters.
  6. Add roads leading to this place to facilitate access to those who want it.
These methods I learned from the Internet, which I did not do personally, where the profit is made by converting the point profit into financial profit after adding a map to Google Maps, under the following conditions:

  • Gmail must be owned by Gmail.
  • Put the means of communication when you want to add a restaurant or a workplace.
  • You have to put the website of the place.
  • Check the exact location; Otherwise, your ad will be rejected.
  • Add the card to one of the specified categories, such as: Real Estate, Shipping, Marketing, Banks, or Hospitals.

Why did you choose to take advantage of Google Maps?

He earned $900 as a monthly salary from Google Maps, an idea that came to my mind after knowing about the benefits of these maps, of which I realized their great benefit to me, and I remind them of the points following:

  • The possibility of browsing without the presence of the Internet, where the individual can navigate to the place he wants without the Internet, with downloading and keeping the map of the area, but here it does not provide an alert in case of crowds.
  • It also provides all locations near hospitals, picnic areas and restaurants.
  • The location can be shared with another person, so all steps are constantly tracked, but this feature is for a certain period of time determined by the other party.
  • Thanks to it, the individual can remember where he left his car if he specified it earlier, and he is alerted to the absence of it for a long period.
  • A person can know the waiting time at the restaurant who wants to eat his favorite dish, or reserve to avoid the long wait that makes the place hate.
  • Being able to change the time for high accuracy results based on traffic and some other variables.
  • If your phone is pixel type, you can use augmented reality to reach the right destination through the phone camera, and here the blue lines showing the directions appear.

How to market services on the Internet

I will show you the marketing mechanisms I used in the following paragraphs:

1.Facebook Ads Library

A friend of mine tried this method, and he told me that after searching the name of the activity on Facebook, it shows whether or not there are ads for it on the platform, and when he didn't find it, he created the new page and created the advertisement financed with it at a cost of $150, from which he received a monthly salary of $1,000 plus his base salary of Google Maps.

He also told me that in case you are not sure how to increase the number of followers on the page, you can contact a social media company about it and tell them that you want to add 5,000 likes for one hundred dollars .

2. Alexa chrome

I was able to identify the ranking of the site through which I added it to my device, and from there I learned the ranking of the site in search engines and the number of visits it has, by entering the site and clicking on this addition.

By using this feature, I was able to let the client know what was happening on his site, and from there, I started offering him many profit methods, including creating the biggest site for him. , and accounts for his field of work on all social media sites and linking them to each other in exchange for the monthly salary.

The profit from Google Maps is done in a simple way, and I advise you from my experience that to start in this field, because of its ease since there is no need for high skills, only a simple experience in e -marketing and availability of Gmail.
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