Profit from podcasts 9 different ways explained 2022

Profit from podcasts 9 different ways explained 2022 

Profit from podcasts 9 different ways explained 2022

You start your own podcast and you create, record, edit and publish content on various podcast platforms.

And you have started to have a good base of listeners or followers, and you need a financial - not just moral - return for your great effort, well, this article is written specifically for you.

The easiest step is still for you to enjoy the podcast, and that's what we'll discuss in detail, so get your cup of coffee ready, grab a pen and paper, and start reading.

How to start earning from podcasts?

You may think that it will be difficult for you to find a good source of profit from your podcast, or you will think that you will not make much or no profit at all.

The most influential factor in the process of making a profit from a podcast is the size of subscribers or the number of private listening times, and the last factor also depends on the nature of the niche and the extent of its specialization.

For example, a very general niche like an English learning podcast is not treated like a niche like SEO, especially in terms of sponsorship and advertising.

If we consider the profit model of sponsorship and advertising, you should start thinking about profiting from the podcast after it exceeds 10,000 listeners per episode, and that in the normal or public niche.

But if your niche is specialized, such as freelancing, blogging, e-marketing, or even more specialized, you might get ads and sponsorship rights from a much smaller number of listeners.

How to earn money from podcasts

1.Get support from your followers

This method is one of the very popular ways to not only enjoy podcasts but also content in general, which many Arabic content creators have started using.

You can apply it by registering on a platform like Patreon or others, where your followers support you with a specific amount of money per month, and the site takes 5-12% of the profits from you depending on the features it offer you.

One of the most famous Arabic content creators who rely on Patreon as their main means of profit is Ali Muhammad Ali, owner of the popular YouTube channel Ali Muhammad Ali.

The great thing about Patreon is that it gives you the financial support you need and deserve with no strings attached to your content or creativity.

So all you have to do is keep doing what you're doing and provide high quality, valuable premium content that will benefit your subscribers.

2.Get sponsorship from one of the companies

Referrals are one of the most popular ways to earn from podcasts or the content industry in general.

This means that one of the sponsoring companies offers you money in exchange for you advertising or advertising for them during your podcast episode.

The calculation is done in sponsorship using the CPM or "Cost Per Mile" model where you charge a fixed amount of money for 1,000 plays.

For example, if the CPM that was agreed between you and your sponsor was $20 and this episode was viewed 15,000 times, you would get "15*20", or $300 per episode.

Profiting from a podcast through sponsorship only pays off if you have a large base of listeners and followers, usually over 10,000 listeners per episode at least.

But if you listen to a lot less, it may be better to think of another way to profit from the podcast or rely on sponsorship, among other methods.

And I must clarify here that the niche can make all the difference, for example, if your niche is related to investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, you may be able to get a profitable referral offer from 1 000 plays, for example.

3.Affiliate or affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to profit from the internet in general, and one of the most powerful ways to earn from podcasts.

In short, you advertise a product, platform, or service, and for every sale or subscription you make, you get an amount or percentage of money.

All you have to do is advertise that product, service, or platform properly, which will get your followers and listeners paid.

There are many very powerful affiliate programs on the internet that you can subscribe to and advertise and you will make very good profits.

The advantage of this method is that you will not need to work or manage the service or product to get profits, but you will only advertise it, and you will withdraw your profits based on sales and subscriptions on your part, so you won't worry about many things.

4.Paid Content

The paid content profit method is one of the very popular podcasting methods in English podcasts, which many audio content makers rely on.

They provide additional content for a subscription or a set amount of money.

And it can be profitable with paid content in another way, for example, only the latest 20 episodes of the podcast are available for free, and to access old episodes, you have to pay some amount of money.

Sometimes the whole podcast is paying and to listen to it you have to pay a sum of money, or subscribe to it or join it.

The advantage of this method is that you have full control, but its serious disadvantage is that it can backfire and cause you to lose a lot of followers.

5.Selling courses

The fifth method on our list is to profit from selling courses, which in my opinion is one of the most effective methods you should start with if your podcast content is appropriate.

If your podcast is about e-marketing, programming, freelancing, or something like that, you'll already have plenty of people who will trust you and your content, who will pay for an organized, professional course that will benefit them. to develop their skills.

The advantages of this method are that it will establish you a great name as a professional in your field and it will also bring you a lot of continuous benefits.

But you also have to know that it will take you a lot of time, either to instill that confidence in your clients or to create and update the courses, but I think the results and benefits are worth all the effort.

One of the most popular content creators using this method is Pat Flynn, owner of blog and podcast SPI, who earns a lot from his courses.

6.Providing advice and training

This method is one of the ways to profit from content, not just podcasts.

You can simply provide, as an expert in your field - whatever it is - consultations in the form of one-off timed sessions for a fee, whether for companies or individuals.

You can even train or mentor people in your field, helping them develop their skills and increase their experience.

The good thing about this podcast earning method is that it allows you to build strong relationships in your field and you will feel good about yourself for helping others.

His problem is that it depends on the free time you have in addition to creating content in which you can provide advice and training.

7.The provision of services

Some people will have this method as a treasure trove of gold, through your podcast in which you talk about your specialization, you can make a lot of profit.

It is by attracting a large number of customers who will trust you, your experiences, your opinions and your skills, and will want to hire you or use your services through the content you provide.

If you are an e-marketer, for example, Youssef Immobilier, and you talk about e-marketing, e-commerce and how to improve your business, as he does on the Five Business podcast, then surely dozens customers will come to you and use your services or want you to market them.

This may be the appropriate way to profit from podcasting for you, especially if you provide services in any field.

8.sell products

Selling products is one of the most well-known methods of making money on the internet, used by many podcasters and content creators in general.

You can sell regular products, such as T-shirts, mugs, etc., or even sell electronic products, such as e-books.

This method has proven to be very effective, especially in podcasts with general and non-specialized niches, and many people use it on the Internet, for example, the most famous and perhaps the most successful podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience.

9.public speaking

It's about making a name for yourself in your field so you'll be asked to speak at public events and conferences for a set amount of money.

Some people who don't speak in public earn more than a million dollars a year in addition to travel and accommodation costs if these conferences and events are held in other regions or countries, which is why we have added to our list of ways to earn podcasts that you should consider.

How much can I earn from my podcast?

Many factors go into determining this, your niche, the nature of your content and the number of listeners, and also don't forget the podcast profit method, which has a great ability to determine the size of your profits.

I can tell you about the big names, like: Joe Rogen earning $800,000 per episode or Tim Ferriss earning $54,000 per episode.

Or Pat Flynn who earns over $100,000 a month in affiliate marketing revenue on his podcast episodes or the Chapo Trap House podcast which has 37,000 Patreon backers and earns over $160,000 a month.

But that won't give you any real insights, so let's make some assumptions about a mid-sized podcast and see its revenue.

Let's adopt the sponsorship or advertising profit model, where the average CPM in the US is around $18 per minute and $25 per minute.

Assuming you have 5,000 plays to your podcast, run an ad per episode of $7.5 CPM, and publish 4 episodes per month (5 x 7.5 * 4 = $150)

And 1% of the listeners support you with a dollar a month on Patreon, that's 50 listeners with $50, and after deducting the 8% Patreon for the Pro plan, you'll get around ($46).

And 0.5% of your listeners (25 listeners) use one of your affiliate offers for which you get $10 ($250).

And 1% of your listeners (50 listeners) buy your course and you get a net profit of $10 ($500).

This way, your total profit will be: 150 + 46 + 250 + 500, or about $946, which is a good amount.

Important tips to start earning from podcasts

  • Know your niche and your followers well:
Understand your niche, understand your subscribers, what they want and need, and give it to them.
  • Provide a real benefit to advertisers and followers:
What gets you profit is not ads or affiliate offers, but rather the benefits you provided to your subscribers and the trust they had in you, so focus on providing the benefits and the benefits will flow from it.
  • Expand your follower base:
Try as much as possible to expand and increase your podcast's audience and listener base, but make sure it's your target audience that is interested in your niche, because those are the true value of your podcast.
  • Use the most profitable way to earn from podcasts:
It may be best to use multiple ways to profit from podcasts as we explained in the default calculation above, this will ensure the best profit and financial security for your podcast.
  • Choose the appropriate method for your podcast:
Some of the methods we've mentioned may not work for a niche, content, or podcast subscribers, so think a bit about whether this earning method is right for you.
  • be patient:
These things take time, don't rush results, and don't expect to see success in a week, month, or even a year.
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