Telegram marketing and how to use it to achieve your goals

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Telegram marketing and how to use it to achieve your goals

Telegram marketing is one of the most important methods of e-marketing due to the huge capabilities that this application provides.

The Telegram app provides a lot of features and tools to its users which makes it a great online marketing tool. In this article, we'll walk you through the benefits of telegram marketing and the steps you need to take to start making the most of it.

Advantages of telegram marketing

Telegram provides several excellent features as a social networking application or e-marketing method, such as:

1.Communicate with users without knowing their numbers

The Telegram app allows you to communicate with users without needing to know their personal phone numbers, this is a necessary feature in the field of Telegram marketing.

Communication via username protects the data of the e-marketer, as it does not require the customer to add the communication data.

2.Add an unlimited number of people to your telegram channel

Telegram allows you to add an unlimited number of subscribers to your channel. Telegram channels are very similar to YouTube channels. We will discuss the difference between group and channel on Telegram and the benefits of each later in the article.

3.Add a huge number of people to your Telegram group

The Telegram app allows you to add 200,000 people in a communication channel, a number that most other communication apps do not allow. This feature is suitable for marketers who communicate with a large number of customers and prefer to communicate through a single application.

4.Create a chatbot

Most chat and communication programs provide auto-reply tools, but what Telegram provides is an automated chat program that works with artificial intelligence.Chatbot saves a lot of time and effort in the Telegram marketing process.

5.Unlimited Storage

All your messages and files on Telegram are stored in the cloud storage method on the servers of the application itself, in other words, you will not be limited to a specific storage space while using application, as is the case with the WhatsApp application, for example.

Unlimited storage space allows you to store all your telegram marketing files without having to drop them to add new files, and it also allows you to send high quality marketing images or clips to your customers without being limited to a specific space.

6.Send files and photos in their original quality

Telegram allows you to send media files such as photos and videos in their original quality. The marketing process files on Telegram are often huge in their initial forms, and here you can use Telegram to save these files. The presence of these files on demand facilitates the process of accessing and modifying them later according to marketing objectives.

Social media platforms such as Facebook reduce the quality of files uploaded to them to reduce the amount of data sent, and this does not happen with Telegram.

Telegram marketing steps

Here are suggested steps to take to benefit from this application in the field of e-marketing.

Some of the goals you can achieve through Telegram are:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your site
You can use Telegram to alert your visitors to important events and news on your site. You can use Telegram as an alternative to the traditional email newsletter.

Emails are still an effective way to attract website visitors, but their ability to alert the user is limited compared to Telegram. The latter offers better functionality in terms of display on mobile devices and multiple options in terms of user alert method.

  • Provide strong customer service
If you have an online store or a website that offers certain services, you can rely on Telegram as a fast way to communicate with your customers.

Telegram provides a feature called click-to-chat, this feature allows you to rely on the app as your messaging and communication service. Most of your customers might already have an account on Telegram and by embedding the app on your site, you can turn it into a chat box.

Any website or online store needs a tool that provides a chat box to communicate with customers, which can be costly. You can count on Telegram as a tool that allows you to communicate with your customers and provide them with efficient and free technical support.
  • Increase your sales
Telegram will be very useful for you to inform your customers of the offers and discounts that you have activated on your online store. Make sure alert messages focus on products that have offers or discounts.

Do not write long sentences in the promotional message for product offers, but you can add an image of the product and its price before and after the sale. For product category discounts, you can add an image for the category with the discount percentage.

Telegram marketing tips

  1. Don't post content all the time.
  2. Add featured content on your channel or telegram group.
  3. Interact online on global forums.
  4. Add your telegram channel link in your e-signature.
  5. Create your own chatbot.
  6. Create both channel and group.

Are you creating a group or channel on Telegram?

If you can't decide what to create on Telegram to promote your products or the content you market, create both.

For example, you can create a channel that only posts official news and updates for your website or online store, and a group can be used as a way for users to exchange their questions and issues and to help each other.

As for the marketing of products and offers, the Telegram channel is more suited to this role than the group. The channel only allows its owner to post, which ensures that channel posts include the biggest deals and discounts and do not contain posts from members, as is the case with the group.

Use Telegram to promote other social media links

If you have a page on Facebook, Instagram, or even a group on the WhatsApp application, do not hesitate to share the links of these pages on Telegram from time to time and vice versa as well.

Use the medium where you have the most followers to post the link of the method you have recently started using. It is useful to be present as an online marketer on several mediums and communication platforms .

Some users abandon a communication application from time to time for various reasons that may be related to the application or its use. To avoid losing some customers due to the lack of popularity of one of the applications or the failure of one of them, it is better to rely on more than one application to communicate with them.

Sharing your channel link on Telegram on social media and global forums is a semi-guaranteed way to increase your subscriber count.

Tips to increase the number of your followers on Telegram

  • Share your channel or group on Telegram with your friends
The easiest way to get the first channel subscribers is to share your channel or group link with your friends. Ask your friends to share the link with their friends and acquaintances and so on, this method will help you get nearly 100 members easily.
  • Provide special content to your followers on Telegram
Telegram is a great medium for content marketing because it has advantages not found in other means of communication. You can let your Facebook customers know that you provide new and exclusive content on your Telegram channel.

Choose topics or posts that match the nature of telegram and add them to your group or channel on it exclusively, the exclusive content will push your customers and subscribers to communicate with you via telegram, which will help market your products .
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