Best dropshipping sites 2022

 Steps to start an online store

Best dropshipping sites 2022

A topic on the minds of many aspiring entrepreneurs and high on the search lists right now.

The high prevalence of this type of e-commerce is due to the great ease of starting without the need for small capital and without the burden of purchasing and storing products.

You just need to register on one of the great sites. Among these service providers, choose the products and then act as the intermediary by marketing and displaying those products in your store. Then get your profit margin when you make the sale.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping can be defined simply as a way of doing business and selling on the internet by creating an online store and starting to work on it.

But working in the field of dropshipping is characterized by the fact that you, as a merchant or an online store owner, do not bear many details and tasks of management, shipping, warehousing, etc.

How did the relationship between commission selling and e-commerce begin?

With the tremendous electronic development, many materials in the field have turned to the country of Google and the world of electronic commerce, so that everything is now available for advertising and selling through the Internet, whether it is a service, product or idea.

He contributed to the emergence, development, and success of e-commerce, the obsession of billions of people to be online now, subscribe to various social networks, and follow multiple online shopping sites.

This shows the willingness of business owners and business activities to expand their business to selling online through the internet and setting up an online store to display their business.

This step was an opportunity to bring the commission sale procedure into the internet world, where it is possible to exercise this profession by participating in dropshipping sites.

Best dropshipping sites around the world 2022?

  1. AliExpress site
  2. DH Gate site
  3. Inventory Source
  4. Banggood.com
  5. doba's website
  6. Knawat Channels website
  7. Tagerly website
  8. m5azn . stores website
  9. Shein . website
  10. Geek buying
  11. Panda Hall website
  12. Big Buy site

Dropshipping locations are plentiful and spread all over the world, and each has its advantages and challenges that you may encounter while working with one of them. We have therefore collected for you the 12 best dropshipping sites around the world in 2022.

Below is a detailed explanation of each of them, so you can get to know them up close and choose the one that best suits your situation and needs:

1. AliExpress site

Ali Express is an online marketplace owned by the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. AliExpress offers millions of products and is the preferred choice of many retailers because it is affordable and easy to use. Also, unlike many suppliers on Alibaba services, it allows you to order single units of items. This eliminates the need for off-site custom inventory, allowing you to ship directly to customers.

AliExpress site

  • Pros of working with Ali Express
  1. Retailers can register for free and find millions of products at affordable prices.
  2. You can order directly from the website without speaking directly to any supplier.
  3. Ali Express offers shipment tracking and notification services.
  4. Many provide highly reliable automation tools for popular e-commerce platforms that automate order fulfillment.
  • Cons of working with Ali Express
The majority of Ali Express suppliers are in China. Although this point is considered a great advantage due to the low prices and large and worldwide shipping options, it unfortunately turns into one of the biggest disadvantages due to the very slow delivery of products to many countries. , which sometimes reaches a month or more.

2. DH Gate site

Dh gate is one of the global online marketplaces for wholesale consumer products.

The site offers a range of simple and effective solutions to start your dropshipping business with ease, where anyone can buy and sell products in large quantities around the world, with secure payment services, many logistics solutions, in addition protection and warranty services.

DH Gate site

Statistics prove the strength of Dhgate

  • Nearly 2.2 million sellers worldwide.
  • 26 million business and consumer subscribers in over 222 countries and regions
  • 22 million different product listings for you to easily choose from.
  • A purchase transaction is made by the site every 1.3 seconds.
  • Multi-language support (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Turkish).

Inventory Source is an integrated dropshipping and supplier network automation software where you can automatically upload products and sync inventory orders with dropshipping suppliers on your online store.

The company is based in the United States and focuses on providing end-to-end integrated dropshipping services, making it one of the best dropshipping sites that can be dealt with.

Inventory Source

  • Perks of working with Inventory Source:
  1. Direct link between distributor and supplier programs for dropshipping.
  1. Enable sellers to efficiently manage product catalog updates.
  2. The inventory source is flexible, so you can not only connect to their supplier network, but also create and manage your own suppliers.
  3. Free access to browse and find sources of genuine, high-quality wholesale products for your business.
  4. Automatic updates and customizable product checks.
  • Disadvantages of working with the Inventory Source:
Although the inventory source has a very large directory of suppliers and products, it charges additional fees to all sellers of selected suppliers. For instance:

The basic plan includes integration with a single resource for $99 per month, and the combined plan with more than one resource for $125 per month. Which can be expensive if you have a general purpose store or manage multiple brands.

How do you earn from dropshipping?

A question asked by many who want to start their own business on the Internet and do not have products to sell online.

We will try to answer this question briefly and quickly.

At first, you need to create a professional online store that can easily connect to any of the dropshipping sites mentioned in our list.

After linking and importing products from these sites and displaying them on your online store, these products will officially become your products.

As soon as a customer orders a product displayed on your online store, the order is automatically transferred to the supplier or the site with which you link your store.

Then, the original supplier is responsible for preparing the order, fulfilling it, shipping it to the customer and collecting the price of the product.

Then you earn the profit that you added to the price of the original product, and in this way the easiest process of profit and earning money has been completed, which is the commission sale process.

This is how it is done simply and easily. But, have you asked yourself: why do we recommend working in direct delivery? In other words, what are the advantages of working with dropshipping? Let's see!

Advantages of working with the dropshipping system

No capital needed.

Avoid business and commercial problems.

Avoid customer problems.

Diversity of professions.

Working with dropshipping has many advantages for you, which makes us highly recommend working in e-commerce through this system.

Important tips when selling through dropshipping sites

Select the most easily treated sites and procedures so as not to waste a lot of time and effort without results.

Take care to create your online store so that it is a professional store and do not encounter any problems with presence and visibility on the Internet.

Look for reputable suppliers and merchants who have a lot of experience with dropshipping sites.

Do not forget to periodically monitor the availability of products so as not to face embarrassing situations with your customers.

Offering promotions and discounts on a permanent basis will make your online store the favorite of a large segment of the audience.

Continuity is one of the most important secrets of success, and in order to continue and achieve more and more success, remember to constantly know the opinions and suggestions of customers and try to solve any problem that they are confronted. , even if it has nothing to do with you.

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