How to Get Free Shipping on Aliexpress

 How to get free shipping on aliexpress? How can I log in? Many people want to shop from this store, which has many cool features, but due to high shipping value, they can't buy.

How to Get Free Shipping on Aliexpress

How to Get Free Shipping on Aliexpress

There are many online stores from which you can buy many products.

 and Ali Express is one of the best such stores.

 and so many customers visit it to try to get the most out of it, and here the question arises how to get free shipping from aliexpress? What we will answer through the following steps:

1. Enter the Aliexpress store directly from here.

2. Head to the search engine, then type what you want to search and buy.

Head to the search engine, then type what you want to search and buy.

3. You will be redirected to a page with many products, and through it, click on the empty box next to "Free Shipping"

4. Wait a bit for all products classified as free shipping to appear.

How to register in the Ali Express store

In order for the customer to be able to carry out the purchase process easily, he must open an account on the store, and this can be done by carrying out some simple procedures, which we will learn by following the following steps:

1. Go directly to the store's website from here.

2. Click the person icon at the top left of the home page.

Go directly to the store's website from here.

3. Click on the “Join” icon.

Click on the “Join” icon.

4. You will be redirected to another window containing data.

5. Choose the country the customer belongs to from the available options.

6. Enter the email, then in the next box, enter the password.

7. Click the Create Account icon.

How can I buy on Aliexpress?

Once the customer has created an account on the site, he can now buy any product with ease, but how? This is what we will learn by following these steps:

  • The product that the customer wants is chosen.
  • Click the "Buy Now" icon.
  • The site will prompt for a login process, entering your username and password.
  • Go to another page, through which the customer's address is added in detail, by entering the name, telephone number, home address, country, city and postal code.
  • Determine the method of payment, knowing that there is only one way, which is the bank card.
  • In the event that there is a promotional code, it can be entered in its field, and then click on the "Place order" icon.

Features of Ali Express

For this site to reach the sweet spot it is currently in, it needs to offer many different features that appeal to users, and that's what we'll learn through the following points:

  • The store does not offer specific types of products, but rather a wide variety, so it can appeal to many tastes.
  • Sometimes some people may not buy some products even if their price is good, because of the high value of shipping, so the store put a good percentage of products for free shipping.
  • For the store to be able to deal with many customers around the world, it has facilitated the processing of many global and widely spread currencies.
  • This store is different from others in that it allows customers to put their feedback on the products they have purchased, and not only that, but it follows them to provide them with what suits them best.
  • Before the purchase is made, the store communicates with the sellers to ensure all the details related to the product to avoid fraud.
  • The customer can easily track their shipment via the website or app.
  • The benefits are not limited to this, but there is a system that the store has in place for the rewards, which are processed by accumulating the points obtained after the purchase of the products.

The store offers many great features that help the customer get a better experience, including buying products without shipping, all you have to do is search for them.

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