Best Online Video Editing Sites in 2022

Best Online Video Editing Sites in 2022

It is known that most editing programs require computers with strong technical equipment, and unfortunately, the purchase of this equipment can be expensive for a large number of people, especially due to the current global crisis, and therefore Online video editing is a great solution for many.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best online video editing sites, and we will also list the advantages and disadvantages of each site to help you know the site from which you can edit and create videos in proportion to your knowledge in this domain.

  Most sites have a free plan that provides you with basic video editing tools, but if you want to go professional in this area, you may need to pay a monthly fee.

Best Online Video Editing Sites in 2022

Best Online Video Editing Sites 

1. Magisto

Magisto is designed by the same company that developed the video platform

Magisto is made by the same company that developed the popular Vimeo video platform that rivals YouTube.

Unfortunately, Magisto doesn't have a free plan, but it offers several plans with a simple monthly subscription (about $5 for the lowest plan), and it also provides a lot of features that may cost more than the amount of the monthly subscription, which prompted me to add it to this article.

Features of Magisto

  • The site offers over 3 million high-quality videos that you can use while creating or editing your videos.
  • The site provides about 25 images to use.
  • The site provides a library that contains a large number of licensed music videos for commercial use (you can make a profit using them without facing legal issues).
  • Site plans start at $4.99 per month.

Disadvantages of Magisto

  • The site lets you create and edit 10-minute videos.
  • There are few pre-made templates as the site only offers a paid plan.
  • The site does not offer a free plan.
  • The site offers a free trial period of only 7 days and you can only get it if you subscribe to the professional plan (the plan subscription is $10 per month).

The success of ClipChamp in the field of online video editing prompted Microsoft to buy it

ClipChamp's success in online video editing prompted Microsoft to buy it out. Unlike most online video editors, ClipChamp uses part of your device's resources to edit videos, but it doesn't take as much as standalone video editors.

Features of ClipChamp

  • The site's interface is easy to use and is specially designed for users who are new to video editing.
  • The site contains an intelligent system to explain its use and to edit and create videos professionally.
  • The site offers integration with a large number of cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and others.
  • The site allows you to upload videos directly to YouTube.
  • The site supports creating videos in sizes suitable for most social media platforms.
  • The site provides a huge library of videos, images, and audio files.
  • The site provides technical support via email and chat.

Disadvantages of ClipChamp

  • The site's free plan allows you to export videos in 480p only.
  • The site offers a limited number of fonts.
  • The free plan does not allow you to add your own logo to videos you create or edit.
  • The site offers the option to compress the size of videos in the paid plan only.
  • The site only works through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • The site's smartphone application is not available on the Android operating system.
  • The site depends on some of the resources of the user's computer to function well, unlike most of the similar sites in the field which run on the cloud computing system.

InVideo offers a large number of features in its free plan

InVideo offers a lot of features in its free plan, and personally, I see some of its flaws that can go unnoticed, especially since they are minor flaws compared to the flaws of free plans provided by sites. similar in this area.

Features of invideo

  • The site is easy to use.
  • The site provides a library of around 1 million images and videos which can be used for free when editing videos (the number increases to 3 million in the paid plan).
  • The site provides 24/7 technical support.
  • The site provides you with a special tool for each platform, there is a video editing tool for YouTube, another for Instagram, etc.

Disadvantages of invideo 

  • The free plan only allows you to download videos in 720p.
  • The site watermark appears in videos you edit on the free plan.
  • The site does not allow you to change the dimensions of the video you edit after you start working on it.
  • The free plan only lets you make 15-minute videos. (The presence of length limits on the videos you can edit is a common shortcoming on these sites, but the time provided by InVideo is the most any video editing site gives you in its free station.)
  • The process of exporting the video you created takes a long time and does not happen in real time.
  • The site needs a strong and fast internet connection to work effectively.

4. Renderforest

Renderforest offers a large number of services such as website building, logo design, and even graphic design.

Renderforest offers a large number of services such as website building, logo design, and even graphic design.

One of the reasons you could use Renderforest is that all of its services are free, the site offers paid plans with more features like any other site, but imagine you build your site, logo and videos from a site for free and harmoniously with each other.


  • The interface of the site is easy and simple.
  • The site provides artificial intelligence software to help you create and edit your videos.
  • The site allows you to record an audio commentary directly from it and add it to your videos.
  • The site offers an application for IOS and Android smartphones.
  • The site has a referral system.
  • The site lets you create videos in three different sizes (16:9-1:1-9:16) to fit most social media sites and streaming platforms.


  • Exporting videos is done by sharing them on YouTube or Facebook.
  • If you want to download your edited videos, the site watermark will appear.
  • The user guide provided by the site cannot be relied upon entirely for learning how to use the site or for video editing in general.
  • The free plan only allows you to download 360p videos (the lowest among all the tools in this article).
  • Once the video is made or edited, it can only be viewed by downloading it to a computer.
  • The technical support of the site depends solely on the ticket system.

5.  Kapwing

Online video editing sites offer very limited features in their free plan but this does not apply to Kapwing.

Online video editing sites offer very limited features in their free plan, but this does not apply to Kapwing. Of course, that doesn't mean the free sites plan is flawless. The disadvantages of Kapwing are either already present in all free video editing sites or are general defects in the field of these sites.


  • The site provides all the basic tools for editing and creating videos.
  • The site does not put a watermark on the videos you have edited or created with it.
  • The site provides cloud storage service for videos with unlimited space.
  • The site provides a set of tools powered by artificial intelligence, such as a tool to automatically add subtitles to videos and a tool to remove backgrounds from images.
  • The site allows you to add videos through their links (you can add the link to a video on YouTube, for example, so that the site adds it immediately for you to start editing or working on it).
  • The site has a special section to learn how to create and edit videos.
  • The site contains a tool that converts videos to different formats (you can convert video to animation or even separate audio from video).
  • The site contains a tool for integrating subtitles into video clips.


  • Learning how to use the site may not be easy for beginners in the field of video editing and creation.
  • Using the site's free plan, you can make videos as short as 7 minutes.
  • The audio options offered by the site are very limited.
  • The site does not offer a smartphone application.
  • The site offers a limited number of images that can be used to edit and create videos.

Important Tips About Online Video Editing Sites

1. Check out the features of other sites from time to time

If you are permanently using online video editing sites, we advise you to check several of them every period, because these sites update their features every period to attract more users. After a while, you might be surprised that a video editing site you don't use has added a feature you've been looking for for a long time.

2. If you're a beginner, go for it

No one can ignore the difficulty of video editing field but online video editing sites have greatly facilitated the process of entering this field, so if you want to enter this field and don't have enough knowledge at this subject, I advise you to start using one of the sites mentioned in this article.

I see that online video editing sites contribute greatly to learning this field, although initially I think the main reason for this is the presence of tools that facilitate your knowledge of these sites and help you when the creation and editing of videos, these tools are not found in independent video editing programs or exist. But it is not as effective.

3. Consider the cost component

Professional video editing programs are expensive, it is true that there are a group of free programs in this field, but they may require strong technical equipment, unlike online video editing sites which can work with less technical materials.

If the free plan of video editing sites is not for you and you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, you will find that most of these sites offer paid plans that are cheaper than the subscription of most independent video editors ( plan subscription on some of these sites sometimes reaches less than $5 per month during discounts and offers).

4. Comfortable Specialty

If you review the video editing sites we have mentioned in this article, you will find that most of them excel in one particular area.

If you create and edit videos periodically and in more than one area, it's best to use the appropriate site for the appropriate specialization.

WeVideo can be used to create digital marketing videos, and for explainer videos, you can rely on Biteable, etc.
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