Earning from Google Adsense|How to double your Google Adsense earnings on your site 2022

Earning from Google Adsense|How to double your Google Adsense earnings on your site 2022

Earning from Google Adsense|How to double your Google Adsense earnings on your site 2022

Double the profits of your site and profit from google AdSense 2022

1. How Google Adsense ads work and a simple definition of AdSense

Google Adsense is a program that allows website owners to place ads on their sites and earn money from clicks. Therefore, it's important to choose expensive keywords carefully to ensure that the right people see the right expensive ads, especially those that are just starting out. to take advantage of Google Adsense.

Take advantage of Google Adsense for beginners with a website or blog and when it comes to Google Adsense there are a few basic things to keep in mind if you want to make the most profit possible and the most important of these elements are:

2. Keywords in the article are important to double your profits

Choose your keywords carefully, as generic or random keywords will lead to lower click-through rates and revenue.

On the other hand, choosing very specific keywords will limit your potential audience and also lead to lower profits. There must be a balance between the two.

3. Properly Install Google Adsense Ads to Double Google Adsense Profits

Studies have shown that ads above the fold (the non-scrolling fold) tend to perform better than ads below the fold.

This is because people are more likely to see ads placed above the fold and click on them.

4. Monitor Google Adsense results

It's important to monitor your Adsense account regularly to make sure your ads are performing well and generating a good return on investment. By following these tips, you can increase your Adsense revenue and earn more money.

5. How to put keywords in the article and professionalize it well

  • The keywords must be related to the content of the site.

  • Topic keywords should be popular enough that people are actually searching for them, but not so popular that there's a lot of competition for ad space.

  • Keywords should be specific enough to target a specific audience, but not so specific that only a few people fit into that category. Keeping these things in mind.

  • You can choose the keywords that will help you earn more money with Google Adsense.

6. Double your Google Adsense earnings

Google Adsense places its advertisements based on the content that you provide, like if the content on your site or blog is about sports, the advertisements that will appear on your site will be sports advertisements, if your site offers content related to sports health, the advertisements that will appear on your site are Health advertisements, like this.

Also, not all advertisers pay the same price for all ads, for example, sports ads are cheap compared to tech and tech ads, each ad has a specific audience and a specific ad price, so you have to choose the content you offer where you have a good ad price on your site or your blog ads.

7. Review the important tools in maximizing your profits in Google Adsense

  • keyword planner tool from google

Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner is a free online tool that helps businesses research and chooses the right keywords or keywords for their website and marketing campaigns. Key Business Associates can use Keyword Planner to create new AdWords campaigns or to enhance existing campaigns.

The Keyword Planner is one of the most trusted tools provided by Google to give publishers and advertisers suggestions on pricing and competition for the keyword audience that publishers want to target with their article. . Good for your article and we will see this in action in the video at the end of this article.

  • Keyword Research Tool from Seobility.

Keyword Research Tool: From the Seobility site, this is the second tool similar to Google's Keyword Planner Tool, where you can through this tool on the Seobility site, know the price of the click on the keyword you want to target with your article or topic in your blog or site.

This tool provided by Seobility is characterized by giving you results and keyword suggestions related to the price of clicks on them.

If you have any problems, leave them in a comment below, and I'll get back to you ASAP, and don't forget to share the article until the benefit spreads.
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