Learn how to sell products online (from zero to first sale)

 Learn how to sell products online (from zero to the first sale)

Learn how to sell products online (from zero to first sale)

If you want to increase your income and start a new project, or if you want to expand the scope of your business, selling products on the Internet is one of the most suitable and fastest ways to achieve it.

This is due to the advancements in technology and the increasing reliance of consumers on the internet to shop and purchase their products, whether through social media platforms or e-stores.

If you are a retailer or a business owner or want to start a business to increase your income, being online has become one of the most important things you need to do to increase your income and make profitable sales.

Why should you sell products online?

Selling products on the Internet goes by many names, such as online selling or e-commerce, and it is also considered to be one of the most important methods of profiting from the Internet.

It is characterized by many benefits that accrue to sellers and help them earn huge profits with minimum efforts, such as:

1. Selling products on the Internet is a fast and guaranteed way to increase revenue and increase ROI, and extensive experience in sales or technical matters is not required.

2. Low risk, in the beginning, you won't need to have a lot of capital, but you may not need any capital at all.

3. Reach customers in a wider geographical area, you are not limited to the population of the city or country you live in, but there are many places beyond your country's borders that you can target its residents.

4. The ability to sell and communicate with customers on a continuous basis, interact with them and receive their opinions and comments directly, which helps you to know their problems and try to solve them and develop your business to get more profit.

5. Selling on the Internet is a suitable opportunity to start a business project as soon as possible, because it saves the costs of establishing or renting a head office to sell in the field and all the costs of utilities, such as electricity, maintenance, construction procedures, and others.

6. In online sales, various e-marketing methods are used to promote products and reach customers, such as: paid social media advertisements and search engine advertisements, and email marketing, which is much more effective than traditional marketing.

7. Selling through the Internet is easy to manage and does not require any more effort, it is also easy to measure and follow thanks to the presence of analytical tools that facilitate the monitoring of orders, stocks, returns, and customer behavior towards your products.

8. The availability of many customer service tools that help build a good relationship with customers and retain them for your products and make them permanent customers.

9. The process of selling products on the Internet goes on all the time and is not limited to certain working hours or days off or holidays, because you receive inquiries from your customers at any time of the day.

10. Due to the lower costs of selling products on the Internet and the lower costs of e-marketing compared to regular selling, the return on investment percentage and the expected profit margin of the sale increase.

11. Easily access ongoing customer needs and requests and strive to meet them, through customer inquiries they leave, whether on search engines or social media product pages.

The most important steps to selling products on the Internet

The most important steps to sell products on the Internet


1. Choose your field and specialization

You must have strong ideas for the products you sell to ensure the success of your sales efforts.

And by studying the extent of customer demand for these products, it is certain that you want to profit from the sales process, so there must be a strong public demand for these products.

At least, in the beginning, you should choose niche products with little competition.

You should also decide where to get these products and rely on reliable sources.

2. Determine the customers you want to target

What we mean is to identify customers who want to acquire your product because it matches their interests and needs, this is very important because it helps you identify pain points, problems, and needs that meet your potential customers to offer them the solution in the form of your product.

3. Knowing how to sell products

There are many ways to sell products through the internet that you can follow and start doing your business, so we are going to show you some ways that you can rely on, and they are as follows:

  • Create and sell an online store

The online store is one of the great ideas that help you to sell your products online as it is considered your official headquarters on the internet.

This is convenient if you own the products you will sell through it; Whether you have a physical store and want to grow your business, or you have a skill that can produce products and sell them through that store.

If you don't have products and you don't have enough capital, you can set up an online store and work with the dropshipping system, which will save the capital for the products and the place. storage, but also to ship the products to the customer.

All you have to do is have an online store and participate in the dropshipping system provided by some e-commerce platforms, in which these products are displayed, and the wholesaler or manufacturer sends these products to customers and you will get the difference between the selling price and buying price.

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  • Affiliate selling

With this method, you will not need a large capital to own the products you sell, the concept of commission sales is that these products you will sell belong to online stores or other brands.

And all your job here is to help them sell these products in exchange for a commission or a percentage of each sale.

It is considered a double benefit for both parties, as brands get wider exposure and get more sales for their products, and the seller receives a commission for their efforts in the marketing process.

What stands out in this method is that the commission marketer will not risk their capital to obtain products and establish a real store to sell them.

These are the steps you need to get started

  1. Choose the product you will market.
  2. Determine the characteristics of the audience buying this product.
  3. Be where the audience is If it's on search engines, your marketing efforts will tend to have a good source of search engine traffic, as well as social media.

Just use different marketing strategies as follows:

  • landing pages.
  • Facebook groups.
  • Articles and blogs.
  • Video marketing.
  • Advertising by e-mail.

Through these strategies, the category interested in these products is targeted and relies on enticing these customers to buy from the brand owner's website or online store.

  • E-commerce markets

E-commerce marketplaces are major platforms specializing in the sale of products on the Internet that allow buyers to buy through them and sellers to display their products through them, and sales and purchases are managed through this platform.

For example, Amazon allows you to register an account as a seller by entering all your data from your name, bank account number, email address, and country ID, and you list your products, title of the page, product description, price, and all product details.

  • Sell products on social media

People who have just started selling online usually use social media to start their business, and creating a business account on Facebook or Instagram is one of the most popular methods followed by the majority.

You can rely on Instagram to sell your products through it, not only that, but you can also collect visits to your online store, increase conversion rate, post and promote your brand growth, and increase interaction between you and the customers.

  • Product Marketing
Product marketing is more than just a choice of steps you take to sell your products, it is the way to grow your business, increase your product sales and improve your presence in the market and in front of customers.

It's not just about displaying products on the internet, but it goes beyond measuring and analyzing the results of your business to discovering the gaps, strengths, and weaknesses you have and working to develop them. and improve them.

Important Tips to Double the Profits of Selling Products on the Internet

  • Make sure you provide a unique shopping experience for your customers by providing good services and products to customers and providing an excellent shipping experience.

  • Offer special offers and discounts on products and display your products at special prices.

  • One of the important factors that help you attract the customer is describing the products in a professional and integrated way that includes the product features, its features, and the benefits that accrue to the customer when using it, and this requires you to study the products well.

  • Images are the main attraction for the customer's eyes, so be sure to photograph the products in a professional, high-quality manner that highlights every corner of the product in a clear and attractive way so the customer can see all of them. details of its product.

  • Clearly state the price before and after the discount and include all shipping information and delivery dates so that the customer is aware of all financial aspects of the product.

  • The use of funded advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines, as they are based on targeting a large segment of the audience who are looking for your products and are interested in using them.

  • Engage influencers and celebrities who have followers and provide content related to your products to show your products to their followers.

  • Periodically survey the opinion of customers on the quality of services they receive through your online store, to ensure that customers are retained and ensure their loyalty to your store, and to avoid any errors that suppliers may make and negatively affect your store's reputation.
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