Make money online (golden tips that will make a difference)2022

Make money online(10 golden tips that will make a difference)

Make money online (golden tips that will make a difference)

Earning money on the Internet has become a goal for many people of all ages, educational levels or social levels in different countries around the world.

There are those who also believe that making money with the Internet is reserved for certain people or those who have specific skills... There are also those who believe that they will earn thousands of dollars from day to day. next day on the Internet.

And because of the many sources that talk about making money with the Internet and its methods, there are sites and channels on YouTube and experts, and there are also scammers and pretenders, and others who are present on the web giant.

golden tips that will make a difference

1. Get rid of the only problem you're facing

This rule is the most important thing for making money on the Internet, so you have to believe in it and act on it. I don't want to repeat what I told you, but believe me… Many have learned this rule after a long struggle… Don't be one of them.

Do you know what the only problem I mean? It is this problem that prevents you from succeeding and achieving what you want, that makes you not find the time or the right path to follow your dreams.

Earning money on the Internet is possible and simple, it is not easy, but it is simple, its formula is clear (passion + effort + clear objective = success), but there is an obstacle that stands in your way and which you must get rid of.

That obstacle is you...yes you...your country, your social situation, your family, your relatives, your friends, your level of education, or luck, or whatever you are trying to convince yourself that the obstacle in front of you is not right... you are the problem.

Making money on the internet - and to be honest with you, everything in life - takes a strong and clear mindset and nothing else to be successful, skills you can learn, tools you can master, but your mind cannot be changed by anyone but you.

I am not trying to lecture you on human development, but it is the truth that many who have tried and failed are running away.

There are those who are in worse circumstances than you, and despite earning dollars a month from the internet through their work, don't kid yourself that there is no reason for your failure except for you… Only then will you be successful.

By the way, failure is not a defect. You can build a website, learn a skill, or open a YouTube channel and not make a profit. It's never a problem. Failure is success in the development phase, as Einstein said.

Try again and again, learn from your mistakes then try again, ten and a million until you succeed... Because there are no problems between you and your goal as long as you fight and you convince her that she can do anything.

2. Choosing Niche is right for you and your skills

Niche in the world of e-marketing and making money on the Internet means the field in which you work, and this rule aims to choose a precise and clear field.

And let me tell you that there are those who make money on the internet because of animal excrement - heaven forbid - and those who make money because of their passion for anime (Japanese anime and manga), and there are those who earn money because of their love for football alone.

And many other weird and simple fields, know that any skill, talent, or knowledge of a specific and precise subject can be a great source of income for you.

And because Internet users like to specialize a lot, you should choose a specific specialization or field that you are passionate about to be the source of your profit on the Internet.

Do not confuse the field with the method, which means that you can profit from the work of websites or YouTube channels, or profit from Facebook, or profit from Instagram either by free work or by affiliate marketing and other methods.

But the field or niche you are talking about should be specialized and clear, and it should be close to your passion to continue and grow.

In the sense that, for example, you cannot create a YouTube channel in the field of football because you have found that these channels are popular and get high views, even if you do not like football.

You are not following the trend, but following your passion, behind a skill you have, an area of ​​study, something new to learn, a talent you have, or a specific thing you are passionate about and know better than others.

To benefit from any method, you must be an expert in the eyes of your interlocutors, they must feel and ensure that you have information and knowledge that they do not have and do not need.

And because you work in your field and your passion will continue, most successful internet entrepreneurs have succeeded after long periods of time, but they have continued because of their love for their field.

3. Have a skill, not a way to make money

There are many ways to make money on the internet, as I mentioned earlier, but many of those who already make money in one of these ways are missing out on something very important.

This thing can make someone increase their profits significantly and also secure themselves in the future... Let me explain what I mean with a practical example.

Suppose you own a YouTube channel and depend on it for profit. You make simple videos, then upload them and wait for the views to generate ads.

A good way to make money, but it's not a skill, if something happens to your channel, God forbid - YouTube issues, property rights, and other things that can prevent your profit to finish - what will you do?!

That's why you need to grow in your way of earning in order to make it a skill you can take advantage of, for example, why not learn editing and how to design a professional video while working on YouTube?!

4. Don't put yourself at the mercy of any platform or anyone

There are many who expect to make money from free visitors from Google, you lead your website or store in search results, you get visits and profit from them, whether through advertisements, marketing affiliates, direct selling, and other methods.

What if for some reason Google changes your site's ranking in search results? What if he decides to completely block your site? By the way, this happens all over the world all the time.

Many website owners are unaware that Google changes search engine algorithms at least 3 times a year, and many websites and businesses lose thousands or even millions of dollars with each change.

5. Use Paypal and Payoneer together

Many people rely on electronic banks to receive money, and due to the rules of each Arab country (such as the Central Bank of Egypt rules with these services), problems often arise.

For this, do not rely on a single service, if you rely on PayPal, also rely on Payoneer, and other electronic banks so that your work does not stop at any time.

6. Customers are everywhere

This golden tip for making money on the internet may be more suitable for those who work in the field of self-employment via the internet. Most newbies complain about not finding clients to work with.

Knowing that customers are in front of them and they are not looking, let's say you are a professional web designer, why don't you search Google Maps for store owners and businesses until you find those who don't have a professional website or who have bad websites?

You can contact them, show them some of your work and tell them that you can create a new website for them for a fraction of the cost, thereby attracting new clients and building up a strong portfolio which in turn will bring you more. of customers.

You can search clients' Facebook and Instagram pages if you work in design, images, writing, or any other work you just don't try.

7. Building a Personal Brand as soon as possible

Do you like football? Do you follow the Sabah Kora channel on YouTube? Do you follow the activities of Amr Nasouhi, the owner of the channel? What has become in recent times appearing in television programs and cooperating with giant companies such as McDonald's and others in their advertising campaigns.

This is what is meant by the power of the personal brand. Amr Nosouhi treats his YouTube channel and social media accounts as a business, a project, and not just a way to make a profit.

He interacts with many influencers on the media, organizes certain activities and interacts with the followers, and proves every day in more ways than one that he is an expert in his field, even obtaining an approved training license in the field of soccer.

This is what you have to do in the stages of your work on the Internet, whatever your field, you have to put your name in people's ears in different ways, and you have to build yourself an entity.

That's why I advise anyone who depends on any profit method to create a YouTube channel and a website, if they don't have one, show yourself, your work, and your skills. This advice is for you and me, as I am personally negligent in this regard.

For the same reason, soon, God willing, you will find the winner's site highly on YouTube, as it is a very important plan in building the brand of the site.

As I told you, consider yourself a business, not just a person who wants to make money on the Internet, and of course, this should not be done from day one, or even a year, but after having achieved success and gained real experience.

8. Invest your profits in your business

I know a lot of people looking to make money online want money because they need it, we all have family, social and personal needs.

But that does not prevent you from reducing the size of your needs as little as possible, so as not to take a large part of your profits, and to reuse them in your activity, instead of buying things which you may not have. -be not needed (clothes - tools - entertainment).

Say, for example, you own a website and you profit from advertisements, and your profit is $200 per month, why not invest some of that profit (say $100) in your business.

Maybe hire a professional copywriter to help you publish content, or an SEO expert to grow your site, or even invest in paid advertising, and other methods, which will definitely increase your profits.

Frankly, I find that whoever does not do this is greatly shortened, because he does not take advantage of the opportunities available to him, do not forget that technology is evolving terribly, there are voice and video searches and techniques of artificial intelligence that will soon control everything.

That's why work hard in your job, enjoy it as much as you can, then reinvest as much of your profits back into it until you get higher returns, it allows you to earn more profit in the near future. coming.

The bigger your profits, the bolder you become to delve into more areas and increase your income and use modern technology to your advantage, not against you.

9. Properly harnessing the power of social media and the trend

There are many events and topics that are transmitted on social networks, which you should take advantage of in your work. Look for example at the famous game PUBG which has invaded social networks in the Arab world in recent times.

If you look at the various sites and channels on YouTube, you will find that they have spoken about it from their point of view. Comedy and even religious channels have taken advantage of this.

Even designers and programmers have associated their work and work with this event, in order to attract as many people as possible to their work and projects.

You must take advantage of what is happening around you to promote your business, whatever field or method you rely on, there is always a connection between what is happening and any field.

It is about the correct use of the trend or social media, and not diving into the trends that do not benefit such as Musically and others that negatively affect people's social and moral levels.

Work hard and think a little outside the box and you'll get outstanding results. People love anything that's new and at the same time related to what they follow and talk about.
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