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 The most popular search engines after Google

The most popular search engines after Google

The most famous search engines on the Internet after Google can be used, which are not very different from Google, but they are used only by personal preference or satisfaction, since each of them has different advantages, and thanks to the site Web de vilados, we will learn about many search engines in detail.

The most popular search engines after Google

There are many search engines that can provide the results provided by Google, but in a different interface than usual, and in a different way also with the engine, and we will review some of these engines:

1. Baidu Engine

When talking about the most famous search engines on the Internet after Google, the country of China comes to participate through the Baidu search engine, and its presence is not limited to China only, but also competitive in the world. scale in China.

It provides more than 57 electronic classifications, unlike traditional search services similar to those provided by Google, such as searching for documents, images, files, videos, and Internet pages, and it can be accessed from here.

2. Search engine YAHOO

One of the most famous search engines on the Internet after Google is Yahoo, but also one of the oldest, and it comes third in popularity after it and gets a 2.7% global market share.

It recently came under the management of Microsoft, making it a common belief that Bing and Yahoo rely on the same algorithms to achieve the same results, but that's an unlikely belief.

Yahoo provides many different services including email, software projects, social communication, and video chats and it can be accessed from here.

3. Bing search engine

One of the engines owned by Microsoft, which was created as an alternative to Windows Live and MSN, today it is used as an engine for Yahoo and Facebook, and its first appearance dates back to the announcement of the CEO of Microsoft in 2009, and it is the second most popular and visited engine.

It gets 6.8% of the total market share and has many features besides images, search maps, filters, and web products, all of which help the user to achieve the best possible search results.

It also provides what is related to sports, money, accounts, flight tracker, dictionaries, and others but despite all these advantages, it has some disadvantages including slow loading of images and lack of data available from Google, and it does not display topics related to the search performed by the client and can be accessed from here.

4. Yandex search engine

Yandex search engine is a Russian search engine named after the company that owns it. In Russia, it gets 60% of the engine percentage and ranks fourth in the world with a market share of 0.59%.

Its first appearance dates back to 1997, while its founding company appeared in 1990, and among the advantages offered by this engine is the parallel search function that provides results from the main web index, as well as from sources of information such as blogs, news, photos, and videos.

It is also among its features that it is responsive when used, contains an answer processor, as well as a spell check and auto-complete function, in addition to a very important feature, namely that it contains an antivirus capable of detecting any malicious programs, accessible from here.

best image search engines

There is a group of search engines that provide many images for the user to search, including:

The Picsearch site can be visited here.

Flickr photos are accessible here.

Photo Pocket.

Academic scientific search engines

In the light of the discourse on the most famous search engines on the Internet after Google, we learn important information, that there is a group of search engines dedicated to obtaining scientific data and information, and the most important of these engines are:

1. Microsoft Academic

One of the services provided by Microsoft covers more than 210 million articles other than scientific articles, conferences, abstracts, and references, and you can search through this tool directly or through a large list of different fields of studies, and you can access the research page from here.

2. Google Scholar

It tops the list of scientific engines and specializes in the scientific and academic literature that any researcher or student needs, in addition to providing approved research and scientific theses. It also provides books and articles published by academics, international universities, and specialized associations, and displays the search results to the user. Related to what he's looking for in order of importance, and accessible from here.

3. Global Science Portal (Search Engines)

It is one of the engines designed to access what the researcher wants to access in terms of knowledge and science, and it is under the direction of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, the branch of the Office of Science of the US Department of Energy. , and its databases reach 70 countries, and it presents the results in English and translated, and it can be visited from here.

The best video search engines

There are a number of search engines dedicated to finding different videos, the best known of which are:

The Dailymotion website is accessible here.

The site of Autreon can be visited here.

Vimeo is accessible from here.

Anyone can use whichever search engine they prefer, and all engines can be used at different times to achieve the greatest number of results depending on the features you desire.
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