how to become a successful youtuber

 how to become a successful YouTuber

how to become a successful youtuber

How to become a successful YouTuber is a question that many young people ask themselves. This is a question worth asking in-depth, not all YouTube channel owners are successful YouTubers, and not everyone who can even make a profit from YouTube is a success. YouTuber.

You can't be a successful YouTuber by just uploading videos, or getting a lot of views.

If your idea of working as a YouTube editor is to steal other people's videos, edit them and repost them, I advise you not to read this article.

1. Study YouTube's rules and terms of service carefully and avoid violating them

You wonder how he became a successful YouTuber, and that means you would like to continue on this platform and strive for more success and development. Of course, it's wonderful. My first piece of advice for you is to start reading YouTube's usage policies, study them well, and avoid violating them.

The editor on YouTube is like a person who wants to live in a new country, wants to start a family and prosper and grow in that country, and that, of course, requires him to study and understand the laws of that country and to avoid violating them, in order to ensure its survival in this country.

Despite the simplicity and intuitiveness of this point, many YouTube editors do not take it into account, causing them to stumble a lot along the way, and often wake up to unpleasant news like videos deleted and channels closed by YouTube admin.

You see most of the topics young people raise in forums or on social media, talking about how to circumvent other people's property rights, reuse other people's videos, how restore deleted videos or channels, search for fake viewing programs...etc.

2. Learn from YouTube's own sources

YouTube is a profit-oriented site, its main goal is to achieve the highest profit rate, and to achieve the highest profit rate, it needs more users, He needs more good videos.

What is the main source for uploading videos to YouTube? Of course, these are the editors and you are supposed to be one of them or plan to be.

The more successful and professional YouTubers there are (who provide quality, valuable and engaging content), the more profit YouTube can make.

Based on all of this, it's clear that YouTube is the site that cares most about you as a YouTuber, and the site that cares most about your growth, development, and success.

YouTube has a special platform to educate and develop content creators, and make them more successful, this platform is called Content Creator Academy.

This platform contains dozens of useful lessons divided into training courses in an organized and professional manner.

You can access it via the link below:


3. Target and know your audience well

Many treat this point as if it is reached automatically based on the content that is presented. Whoever talks on their food recipe channel intuitively targets those who search for food recipes. That's why a lot of people aren't interested in getting to know the audience any deeper.

In fact, knowing the audience goes beyond simply providing content that certain people are interested in on YouTube, so a thorough understanding of the audience makes a big difference between professional YouTubers and others who are floundering.

It should be noted here that defining the audience should be done in general when choosing the channel idea and the nature of the target audience for it, and it should also be done particularly when production of each new video.

Some key points to understand the nature of your audience:

1. Having fun in exchange for learning and getting things done.

Is the person you are directing your videos to someone looking to be entertained or to accomplish something like learning something new or knowing certain information? Of course, it will affect the video duration and view.

2. Viewing goal:

Every time you post a new video, ask yourself what the point of watching is.

3. Average ages:

How the average age of your target audience will affect how you view your video.

Make quality your motto

The quality of your videos is the first determinant on which your success as a YouTuber depends, always make your logo quality.

Quality includes 4 axes:

1. Content Quality

Quality does not mean specialization in scientific and cultural fields, but even humorous videos can improve in quality, provided that they are made in a more professional and respectful way of the public.

2. the sound

The sound element is just as important as the picture element. You have to take care of recording the audio in high quality and at an appropriate level so that it becomes clear and pure for your audience.

3. picture quality

You should make every effort and use all outside help, be it people or tools, to output your videos in the best possible quality in terms of picture purity and lighting control.

4. montage

The quality of the product is the element without which everything would be useless. You can put in a lot of effort, shoot and produce great content, but it wouldn't be complete without shooting that video in the best possible way.

Every video on your channel is meant to help your audience with something

Helping others is something that makes us happy and comfortable, but for you as a YouTuber, it's not the traditional form of a helping idea. The point at this point is to make sure there's a positive purpose behind every video you include in your channel, and that applies to all types of channels, regardless of specialty.

Continuity is very important

Keep uploading new videos to your channel. This is a good thing. You need to set a proper plan and schedule that you can stick to when posting new content to your YouTube channel.

One video per week might be fine for many, but if you can post more than one video per week, it will help your channel grow faster.

At first, you will have a hard time getting views because no one knows you.

So you should always put in front of you that everything will become easier and faster over time. You will gain experience and skills that will allow you to produce videos faster.

Your channel will start to attract subscribers over time, which will make it easier for your videos to get views over time.

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