profit from facebook|How to make money selling services on Facebook

profit from Facebook|How to make money selling services on Facebook

Many people rely on Facebook as their main source of income, and you probably know some of these people.

Yes, we're talking about entertaining or even scientific visual content creators, but what we're offering today is an easier way to take advantage of this platform.

How to make money selling services on Facebook

How to make money selling services on Facebook

Profiting from selling services on Facebook has become very popular recently, from providing financial and legal advice to email marketing services to design services…etc.

The conclusion is that the services that can be provided through this platform are endless, as are the opportunities to profit from them.

Profit from selling services on Facebook can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. List your services on a Facebook page or group for a fee.
  2. Offer your services to customers who have requested them.
  3. Receive your profits from customers via the payment method that suits you.

The ease of the profit-making stages of selling services on Facebook makes it a suitable source for those looking to start freelancing on the internet.

Profiting from the sale of services on Facebook is a suitable opportunity to generate additional income for students or people who want to increase their sources of income.

The most important feature of the idea of ​​selling services on Facebook:

  • Deal directly with customers without intermediaries.
  • Receive all profits without deductions or commissions.
  • Use the payment method that suits you.
  • The ability to determine the price of the appropriate service for you.
  • Set work schedules and communicate with customers around your schedule.

Services that you can sell and profit from on Facebook

1. mobile cook service

Are you good at food preparation? There is someone who needs you in their home to cook for them, whether on special occasions or during normal times to prepare a simple family meal.

2. Service to perform various tasks for others

Each of us has often wished for someone to do a certain thing for us and we couldn't find it. Why not be that person who performs certain tasks for others in exchange for money depending on the type of task required.

You can also be a home delivery service provider for others, whatever their order, whether from one location or multiple locations.

Also, if you love service work and always feel happy helping others, especially the elderly.

There's nothing wrong with making money from your job as a service provider to help the elderly, whether it's performing specific tasks or at a certain time of day.

3. Management of social media pages

Every business owner these days is well aware of the importance of internet marketing. This marketing includes marketing via social networking sites.

In many cases, business owners need someone to manage their social media pages.

If you consider this business to be right for you, advertise the provision of this service now and start researching your potential customers who really need your service.

4. Mobile and computer maintenance

It may not be for everyone, but here are two very important facts:

  • The first is that there are many courses on the Internet, through which you can learn the maintenance of mobile devices and computers.
  • The second is that most malfunctions are simple and can be fixed by changing some parts, or by downloading a new operating system such as Windows, or even by cleaning some dust or water.

5. Dog or cat training

Are you a fan of dogs and cats?

You have a good track record in training to obey commands such as:

  • relieve themselves in specific places.
  • Play ball with the children.
  • Give appropriate greetings to your friends.
  • Or catch flying saucers.

Offer this service to others and get financial profit from it. There are many who want your services and won't skimp on you with money, so don't skimp on them by providing your service to them as soon as possible.

6. Child or pet sitting service

Do you like young children and they always seem familiar to you? Are you the type to love pets and always take care of them?

Isn't it time for you to turn your potential into a source of profit? Yes, you will find it difficult at first to gain the trust of your parents. But you can start with your sister's children or close neighbors and then move on to strangers.

7. Rent your car to others

You might find this a little strange, but why not?! You own a car and want to earn additional income.

On the other hand, there are more people who want to rent a car for a certain time for a certain amount. Why not rent it to them?

Remember to take out adequate guarantees against the possibility of possible damage and have them bear the cost of the fuel.

8. Mobile beauty center or hairdressing service

If you have these features, this service is for you:

  • Adept at making hairstyles for your hair or for your close friends.
  • You are interested in everything related to the world of fashion and beauty.
  • You have good taste in makeup and color coordination.
  • You have enough self-confidence to live this experience.

If you like it, why not offer this service to anyone looking for it for a fee? Smart people are those who can turn their personal skills and interests into income.

With this income, they can gain more independence and at the same time develop these skills.

9. Video montage

To do this service you are supposed to have:

  • Good experience in video editing.
  • You must have a good program to edit and edit these videos.

If you can't find enough demand, you can, with a few simple ideas, create a good demand for your offer, such as:

  • You can display a video design made up of collages from a specific occasion.
  • Design a video to express the developmental stages of a child.
  • Create a video to express a relationship.

10. Photo and video service

To make this idea you must have:

  • Good camera with decent capabilities.
  • An acceptable skill in the art of photography is order to provide good service to all who request it.

Don't make this idea depend on photography for weddings and important occasions, in these cases, many people don't want to risk choosing a non-famous photographer.

But start with whatever is possible like:

  • Photographing small occasions such as birthdays at home.
  • Photography of children.
  • Photographing stores for marketing purposes.
  • Photograph any idea required.

Steps that you must follow to sell services on Facebook

1. Determine the service you will provide through Facebook

Determining the service you will receive by selling on Facebook can be implemented in more than one way and direction. Some research the services that are already popular on this platform right now and learn about them and then profit by selling them on Facebook.

This trend is a solid investment trend, you are looking for services that are already popular and not trying to sell a new one.

Despite this, the idea of ​​learning a skill to provide a service may not be easy, and more importantly, it may take a long time. It is true that there are many sources of self-study that allow you to learn any skill for free, but the process of mastering it to the point of selling it and profiting from it is another matter.

Selling a service is a professional perfection that provides an end product that customers will love and buy. Mastery can take time and lots of experience, not to mention the competition in the job market.

2. Specify service details

Service details are all the information you need to provide your customers about them. It is not acceptable to offer your services without clarifying details such as price, implementation period, etc., and although some people follow this method, it is not professional at all.

The details of the basic service you will sell on Facebook can be determined by your answer to the following questions:

  • What is the price of your service?
  • Is the service price fixed or does it change based on service details or additions?
  • What method (or means of payment) will you rely on to receive your money from customers?
  • What are the appropriate service request timelines for you?
  • What is the specific period of implementation of the service (mainly related to the nature of the service itself and your mastery of it, but you can specify a specific period that suits you)?

Determining the price for the service can be a little tricky, especially if it's your first time providing this paid service. this service. service in general or the prices offered by your competitors.

Of course, we do not recommend that you set the price of the service you provide to be similar to market and competitor prices, especially at the start of your work in this field. These prices can be guided and used as a tool to help you price your service on Facebook in a way that suits you.

3. Study the market for this service and study the level of competition in it

Every entrepreneur is always eager to study the market in which he intends to work. Market research is an ongoing process that begins before entering this market and continues with the pursuit of the activity itself.

As a paid service provider through Facebook, you need to research the market for this service inside and outside of this platform. Thanks to this study, you can identify your strengths, highlight them to your customers, know your weaknesses and your challenges and face them.

The moment you enter the field of selling certain services on Facebook is the moment you enter the competition to attract its customers as well. In other words, entering this field without serious study can lead to a great effort without getting customers or profits.

Some use market research to know their requirements to meet them in the service they are going to provide on Facebook before they start providing it, this method helps to gain distinctive competitive advantages.

4. Create a page to provide the service through

After preparing your service and its details, the next logical step is to choose how it will appear. There are three options for publishing your services on Facebook:

  • Publish your services on your personal page.
  • Post your services in a group on Facebook.
  • Publish your services on a page dedicated to this service that you have created yourself.

Several methods can be chosen to publish your services on Facebook, some adopt the following order: publish their services on their personal page, then create a group in which they present this service to their friends and acquaintances, and finally create a page to develop and provide the service in a professional manner.

The previous arrangement is a logical and suitable arrangement for individuals, but if you plan to expand in the future, we recommend that you start building the page directly. The page is useful for separating your personal identity and your identity as a service provider on Facebook. , which is useful and may be required in some areas.

5. Design your own image and logo for the service you sell on Facebook

The image you use on the page of the service you are selling plays an important role in attracting customers and getting them to buy your service. The importance of this role varies according to the nature of the service itself, but it remains a significant role.

Will you buy a service from a page that doesn't use a special image to illustrate its service or doesn't have its own logo? Of course not, the image and logo you use can also play an important role in promoting your quality for certain particular services.

If you're selling a service related to photo design and editing, for example, your service page image should show your skill in that area.

Don't worry if your image editing and creation skills are limited, you can always rely on image editing sites like canva, most of these sites allow you to edit and create images easily and in minutes.

6. Determine the method of receiving profits

Facebook is not an official platform for working online, so it does not offer the possibility of receiving money through it, at least at the moment, so you need to select the appropriate method to receive profit for you.

This depends on a large number of factors, the most important of which are:

  • Effectiveness of means in the area of receiving benefits.
  • Possibility of receiving profits (income only in your country or inside and outside).
  • Receiving fees charged by the Facility for incoming transfers from outside or inside your country.
  • The extent of protection and security provided by the method.

7. Market your service on Facebook

Marketing is the answer to the famous question How do I reach my customers and my target audience? Marketing your services can take many forms and directions.

For example, the best place to market a page that provides services on Facebook is Facebook itself.

Oral or direct marketing to people you know who might be interested in this service is also important. As a newbie (or even veteran) service provider, your goal is always to get customers through any legitimate means possible, and marketing is what will help you do that.

You need to identify two directions to market your service. The first is to use e-marketing methods, and this can go through several tools. You can use your personal page or post your page in groups where you are interested in your service area. or any other digital tool.

The second trend is to tell your friends, acquaintances, and family that you provide this service on Facebook, and they will in turn market and serve you in many ways.

Here, in a nutshell, is a set of tips for marketing your service on Facebook:

1. Create a business page on Facebook to serve you, choose an appropriate name for it, and explain precisely what you provide.

Also, put an appropriate image that reflects the service you provide.

2. Invite all your Facebook friends to your created page.

Also, look for your close friends to invite their friends too, so you can start off on the right foot.

Your friends and acquaintances can be your most important tools for marketing and profiting from your services on Facebook. In fact, most of those I know in the business of profiting from selling services on the Internet made up their friends and acquaintances at over 70%. of their clients at the start of their work in this area.

3. Also create a group for the service you provide on Facebook. The idea of ​​creating a group and a page together is that they complement each other.

The group gives the Facebook user more privacy and allows them to interact better with other members. And the page is the right place to quickly spread among the Facebook users you are targeting by providing a specific service.

4. Post frequently and try to invite members of your Page or group to share these posts.

5. Whenever you sell your service to someone, talk about it in one of your posts with a photo of the buyer of the service allowing it.

You can also ask the buyer of the service to talk about their positive experience purchasing this service through you.

6. Interact with pages that deal with the same topic of your service and try to be an active member in groups related to the service you provide.

7. You can also create accounts on other social networking sites to attract more customers.

8. Encourage members to buy your service by giving them discounts or adding gifts or bonuses.

9. Try to provide something useful in your posts.

The nature of people is that they don't like ads. If you think that the Facebook page function is an advertising function through which you invite people to buy your service, you are a little mistaken.

The job of a Facebook landing page is to connect with your potential customers in order to build a bridge of trust between you and them.

Don't expect them to buy from you unless they test the effectiveness of what you offer with your helpful posts.

Tips to Help You Succeed at Selling Services on Facebook

1. You can rely on paid ads from time to time

Spreading on Facebook and reaching your target customers through free methods has become difficult lately, don't despair because spreading on Facebook via posting in groups and on personal accounts is always possible, but relying on it alone is not enough.

A few years ago, Facebook's working policy and algorithms changed to paid posting, that is, if you want your page to spread and reach your target audience, you will have to advertise it on Facebook at least at the beginning of your work. above.

Don't worry, advertising on Facebook is not very expensive, but sometimes it is cheaper than advertising in other ways. Additionally, the targeting provided by the Facebook advertising system can be used to reach customers who will actually purchase the service.

2. Learn the art of dealing with customers

Dealing with customers should be done with great care and with a high degree of intelligence, especially when it comes to a platform like Facebook.

In other words, your customers must have great confidence in you, encouraging them to buy your services while they are reassured, especially since the relations between you are not guaranteed by a third party. As for you, getting negative reviews from your customers will hurt your future. in the provision of this service.

All of these factors push you to learn how to deal with and deal with clients, which is a special approach to handling and not just an article or two. Luckily, there are plenty of sites out there that offer free training that you can rely on. to learn the art of dealing with and communicating with customers.

Successful communication also contributes to obtaining so-called customer loyalty, which will positively affect your rate of profit from providing this service. Good communication also translates into helpful reviews through which you can improve and develop your service based on your customers' requirements.

3. Use automated options to deal with your customers

Facebook includes a lot of automated options in terms of managing your pages, post scheduling options will help you automatically post your ads on your service and offers at the time you specify.

No one can be on social media all the time, even if it's for business and profit. Sometimes you find messages from customers outside the dates you have set to receive their requests, and of course, you have to respond to them and communicate with them.

The most important automated options that will come in handy in running the service page you are selling on Facebook are automated responses to customer conversations, instead of using someone to pay a sum of money to respond to customers. , you can use automated responses to communicate with them.

Facebook provides a large number of automated responses for various purposes. You can write down the responses you want your customers to receive and specify when Facebook will send them to them. If you want more options, you can use one of the free or paid chatbot services.

It is important to know that automated options are a temporary solution until your communication with and reliance on customers is limited, selling services and communicating with customers about receiving your revenue should be doing it yourself to make sure it is done correctly.

4. Continuously improve your service

Growth is a key factor in continued success, especially when it comes to selling services on Facebook. In every period where you need to develop your service, this development can be an improvement of the service itself, a reduction in the delivery time, or anything else.

The most important thing to focus on in developing your service is being clear to your customers and thinking about the quality of service you provide. The opinion of customers on the development of your service or the provision of additional services increases their feeling of trust and security in your relationships.

If you're not sure what improvements you can add to your service, you can use your customers to help you figure them out. You can personally communicate with some of your regular customers to find out what can be added to your service through improvements and developments.

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