All you need to know about Google AdSense

All you need to know about Google AdSense

All you need to know about Google AdSense

Although Google Adsense is famous for being one of the most used ways to profit from the Internet, many people do not know much about it, so we decided in vilados blog to present a brief guide about Google Adsense in which we collect all the necessary and important information, so prepare your coffee cup, bring a paper and a pen and prepare to learn For a way that could change your life and be your next source of income.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program affiliated with Google, which allows owners of websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and even applications to display ads for a certain financial income that is determined by several factors, such as the type of content and the nature of the advertisement.

Google Adsense is a very valuable service that helps content creators and app owners to make a lot of money per month. Google's policy is to give owners of channels, sites, and applications about 68% of what they get from companies with ads while they take 32%.

Do not underestimate this percentage, as Google earned from Google Adsense in the year 2015 only about $ 15 billion, and this number increased greatly after that.

Google Adsense relies on the idea that visitors to your site who see the ad click on it, which turns them to the advertiser's page, and according to the cost of this click or click determines your profits, the equation here is:

Profit = number of clicks * cost per click

The higher the cost per click, the higher your earnings and the value of this click is determined by the niche or niche of your site or blog.

Google AdSense This is linked to another program or service called Google Ads or formerly known as Google Adwords.

It is generally the place where advertisers choose their preferences to display ads for their companies or products, and they pay for these ads as well, and then Google gets the advertising money and gives you your share and keeps the rest.

These advertisers' preferences are related to the geographic area in which they would like to display their ad, the ethnic or age group they want to target, and their interests.

In addition to the possibility of favoring many other amazing things that reach the limit of the time in which the ad is shown, Google can ensure that these ads reach the target audience thanks to the great information that Google knows about its users.

With Google Adsense, you can make a lot of revenue per month, especially if you already have a blog or YouTube channel, as many around the world are doing this, even some of them rely heavily on the earnings of these ads to earn their living.

How do you earn from Google Adsense?

Profiting from Google Adsense is very attractive, as we mentioned, but it takes some effort and requires doing some things before you start profiting from it, and of course, I do not mean here to register in Google Adsense, but I mean the steps that precede that, starting from the idea to implementation:

1. Choosing the right specialty

This is the most important step in the whole process. Choosing the right niche will help you produce high-quality content that attracts many visitors, and it will also determine the price of clicks, which, as mentioned above, determines your earnings from Google Adsense.

Choosing the right niche will help you get many ideas for content and articles, which will make it easier for you to increase your visitor base and thus increase click rates. selection.

The price per click varies according to the blog's specialty, the format of the ads, and according to the semrush report; The price per click in the United States reaches$15 and above if you are talking about everything related to insurance, and 0.70 if your site specializes in education. As you can see, the click price varies and varies according to many factors that you should pay attention to from the beginning.

2. Choosing and buying a domain

The domain name or domain name is very important when it comes to starting your website. It defines the name of your site and your specialization, and it connects you to the minds of your visitors, and if you do not know, dear reader, what a domain is, it is the name or address of the site.

The domain must be related to the niche or specialization of your site, and it is preferable that it has a spirit and be attractive and distinctive so that it sticks in the mind and conscience of the reader so that this reader comes back again in order to read a new site or your blog.

3. Get hosting from a company

You will then need to purchase hosting from one of the trusted sites for this.

Do not worry if you do not have the money or you do not want to spend it, you can get a free domain and host through platforms, such as Blogger and others, but I do not recommend this and better buy a domain and hosting for your site.

4. Create a WordPress site and choose a template

There are many ways to create your site, the most famous of which is to create a WordPress site, or by hiring a programmer to program and design a site for you from scratch.

But I prefer and recommend WordPress because it will do more and more, and it is much cheaper than the cost of designing and creating a site, and you can choose a template from among thousands of templates, so you will ensure that the site design is suitable for you and your specialty.

Of course, you can choose a free WordPress theme, but I recommend a paid one because it will be much better and it is not expensive at all.

5. Create the right content for your blog

No one but you will know the appropriate content for your blog, so you have to put a lot of effort into knowing what you will write, how you will write it, and whether visitors want to read it or not, and this step is the key, the content is always the king, but I will laugh at some important tips that will help you improve the content your location:

Take care of the title

The title is what will attract the reader to open and read your articles, and it is what will attract him to read another article that you put in the first article, so you have to make the title expressive, interesting and a summary of the article’s content, but beware of writing misleading titles because this will make you lose your visitors and their confidence.

Divide paragraphs and make what you write easy and sequential

Long, overlapping text that makes up one big block is unattractive and hard to read, and Google doesn't like it. While dividing the content and the text of the article into paragraphs encourages the reader to read, and makes him psychologically receptive to the content, especially if it follows from some of it and each paragraph leads to the next.

Plan your content first

Make planning your first step; Bring a paper and a pen, write the topics you want to talk about, and try to link them together in the form of groups or create a link between them, and this will make you prepare for each new article of your articles in a way that interests readers and makes them wait for everything new.

Avoid spelling and grammatical errors

Spelling and grammatical errors distract the reader and mislead Google, and in all cases, they are very harmful to the content writer and the owner of the blog, so try to reduce your spelling and grammatical errors by taking a course or listening to some lessons on YouTube.

Market your blog on social media

Social media is one of the most important and powerful marketing tools for any content owner because it will bring you hundreds and thousands of visitors if you can use it correctly, of course, so it is very necessary to learn the appropriate social media channels with your content and to become a professional.

learn SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is by far one of the most important and powerful marketing methods for any content because it shows your article or blog on the search The first result, to bring the largest number of hits.

Google Adsense earnings

There are two basic strategies for profit, the first is to focus on the niche of many visitors, but its cost-per-click is low, that is, you get your profits from a large number of clicks.

The other way is to focus on a niche so that its CPC is high, and accordingly even small numbers of clicks will be very profitable.

Although the topic seems simple, it is not, there are many factors that control CPC. The countries and languages that you target may control your CPC.

For example, English sites targeting foreigners have a higher CPC than Arab sites, and this is due to the great competition in the English content market.

Attracting a large number of visitors is also not easy and does not happen overnight, but it requires a lot of effort and hardship to achieve.

Usually, Google Adsense is not profitable and rewarding at first, but with the passage of time and the growth of the number of visitors to your site, your profits will be rewarding, and at some point, you may reach the point where you do not need to do anything other than taking care of your site.

Google Adsense problems and difficulties

1. The number of visitors is small so you do not make much profit

Perhaps this is the most common problem among beginners in the field of blogging and Google Adsense, they all get frustrated and bored quickly because thousands of visitors do not arrive on their blogs immediately, but things do not work like this and usually, this rush causes them to fail or slow down their success.

The important thing in blogging and profiting from Google Adsense is to create value and create high-quality content first, and then tens and hundreds of thousands of visitors will flock to you to benefit from the content you provide, and therefore your profits will increase, and for this reason, I repeat and repeat: focus on the content and the profit will come to you.

2. Your content is excellent, but the number of visitors is still low

This may happen to some that their content is of great quality or even excellent, but the number of visitors is still few, and in this case, the blogger must master SEO or search engine optimization so that his blog occupies a place on the first page of search results in order to increase the number of visitors.

3. Although the number of visitors is large, the number of clicks is still small

Most likely this issue will be related to personalizing your content and ads, you must create harmony between the content you provide and the ads, which will make your site visitor and the reader of your articles click on the ad easily and smoothly.

4. The cost per click is very low

This is not a problem in the literal sense, but it is the result of your niche, and the real problem here is that the number of visitors is not enough to make enough profits for you, so you have to increase the number of visitors to your site or blog.

Google Adsense tips and secrets

1. Don't focus on profit

Yes, do not focus on profit, but focus on value. Many of those who focus on profit get bored quickly and do not make any profits, or rush profits and find themselves stealing content or providing very weak content that does not matter to visitors.

My advice to you is always and forever that I will never tire of repeating, create high-quality content and create value for you and your site, work to provide the content that your audience wants and try to take advantage of the trends to increase your fame.

2. Don't spoil the visitor's experience

Many website owners and bloggers stuff their sites with advertisements, which makes it difficult to browse their sites, which ultimately results in visitors abandoning their sites and never returning to them, although what is required of them is the exact opposite, which is to improve the experience of their site visitors and make use of Easy and simple, so be sure to place ads in a way that does not affect or spoil the visitor's experience.

3. Choose your advertising locations carefully

This advice is complementary to the one that precedes it, so you should place your ads in exactly the right place for them, which will make them attract the visitor's attention without spoiling his experience, which will positively reflect on your earnings from Google Adsense.

4. Choose a highly specialized field MicroNiche

Although this is not common in the Arab world, choosing a highly specialized niche is profitable. For example, instead of choosing the field of sports or football, you can create a blog about the English Premier League or the Liverpool team only, or also make your site specialize in It concerns the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah only, and this is only an example of what the specialized field or niche means.

Experts are now recommending the field of specialization, and that it will bring you a lot of profits. Although the number of visitors will be much less than the more specialized sites, the price per click and the click rate will increase significantly, which will double your profits, as you gain the reputation of a specialist in this small limited field.

5. Content is king

The quality of the content that you provide is the secret to the success of any economic project or any activity on the Internet. With the increase in competition, visitors are able to distinguish good content from bad content, and therefore they search and care about the best of the best. Therefore, I advise you to spend as much time as possible on your content and learn SEO as well. to attract his attention.

6. Never click on your site ads or encourage readers to do so

This is a mistake that many make and the consequences of it are very dire, which is to click on your site ads or encourage visitors to do this, which is something you should completely avoid because Google's advanced algorithms will punish you.

7. Always try

Do not stop at this and always try and see the results of your experiment, through the process of experiment and result, you will come to the best mixture that suits your blog and your readers.

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