How to increase YouTube subscribers 2022, 100 subscribers daily for free

How to increase YouTube subscribers in 2022

How to increase YouTube subscribers 2022, 100 subscribers daily for free

Many of us want and covet to increase our YouTube subscribers and increase YouTube views.

This is often very difficult, especially for the first 1000 subscribers, because the channel is still new and the content is few and the follower often does not want to subscribe to small channels away from their content.

Many people resort to several tricks, including the exchange of subscriptions with others and sites and applications to increase subscribers, all of which are empty words that give some sense of satisfaction to the owner of the channel, and this fake feeling soon disappears after discovering the bitter truth that subscribers are numbers only, no interaction! No obligation to subscribe!

In general, if you want to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can use this site.

Let's leave the issue of websites and applications aside and give you a method that I have partially implemented recently and the results were good and excellent. Thanks to God, I was able to break through the difficult 1,000 subscribers barrier by using this method, and it was a partial, not entirely, reason for the increase in the number of YouTube subscribers.

Because I also worked on the aspect of good and required content, and this is part of this secret method that no one spoke about, or at least I did not see anyone who spoke about it.

I discovered it by observing and following the behaviors that sometimes draw me to subscribe to some channels. I came to the conclusion that often other people think the same way I do, so why not make them subscribe to my own channel?

The malicious way to increase YouTube followers!

When I say that it is a malicious method, it does not mean that it is bad, or that it contains assault, fraud, misinformation, or others, but here I mean malice. It is a smart idea in a fake way. You will understand immediately what I mean when I review the method that will spare you from any site to increase YouTube subscribers.

The way to increase the number of subscribers is simply that we will comment on the videos of the owners of large channels, wait, my friend! The issue is not simply, that we will not write on their video words such as subscribe to my channel or share a subscription.

Rather, I will write a malicious comment that expresses the extent to which I understand the subject and am familiar with it (even if I am not), and here is maliciousness in the subject and this comment will receive the most number of likes and comments, so this comment will remain at the top of the comments today, tomorrow and even after the years unless a malicious person appears From you, and then the competition will be difficult with you, given that you take precedence in the commentary mode.

And now when you put your comment and the comments are issued, how does the number of subscribers increase, then? The topic is simply when many of us see a comment that gets 200 or 300 likes, the first thing to do is enter this channel, so what if the owner of this channel was you and this person entered it after watching the comment and your content was distinctive and your channel is arranged and its content is close to the content of the channel That you commented on, do you suspect that this person will leave the channel before subscribing to it? He will most likely subscribe with you to the channel by up to 80%.

How do I get the comments and appear before everyone else?

You will simply fight a battle in front of the rest of the commentators and you will surpass them with three deadly weapons! These weapons are as follows.


First: Speed: It is necessary to remain alert to this matter and to write the comment as soon as the video drops before someone writes a comment and receives a number of likes.

The second: the malicious comment: you must choose wonderful words and talk about the heart of the topic, not a copied comment that you paste into all the videos! Rather, you must deal with each video alone and you must show others the extent of your ingenuity, experience, and skill in this topic. The super malicious comment is the comment through which you can criticize the owner of the content and get holes in his video, so you will get the admiration of the viewers and even the owner of the channel!!

Third: A simple malicious leap: Yes, this particular point guarantees you the lead, even if your comment is of an average level. All you have to do is have, for example, 5-10 accounts (YouTube channels) and give your comment alike, so you will get 5 - 10 likes and your comment will remain in the lead and will then get many likes from other users.

Tips for the success of how to increase YouTube subscribers in 2022

  1. Target with your comments channels that have at least half a million subscribers.
  2. The video you comment on must be from the same content as your own. If your channel is technical, you must comment on technical videos.
  3. Continuing with this method is the key to success, and the amazing results come in the long run, not after an hour or two. Therefore, the patient who will benefit from this method is the patient.
  4. What enhances the primacy of your comment is the responses you get. Therefore, if someone responds to you, you, in turn, respond to him, either by discussing or answering a question he asks you a question, so the number of comments increases.

Advantages of how to increase YouTube subscribers in 2022

  1. Your comment will remain visible to everyone for a long time because you got a number of likes that it is difficult for anyone to get after a day, two days, or even two months
  2. This method is legitimate and impeccable, and you get real, targeted subscribers through this method.

Disadvantages of how to increase YouTube subscribers in 2022

Frankly, with the good results that I obtained from this method, I will not continue with it for a long time, and this is a shortcoming and a defect on my part. When I reached my first goal of 1000 subscribers, I left it and often I will return to using it when I set my new goal and this is due to the following defects.


The method is somewhat cumbersome and requires patience, time, and effort at the same time.

You must be ready at all times to seize opportunities.

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