Terms of profit from short videos on YouTube and eligible channels

Terms of profit from short videos on YouTube and eligible channels

Terms of profit from short videos on YouTube and eligible channels

After Tik Tok invaded social media platforms through short videos, it has been the scene in recent years through short videos produced on this platform.

Many social media platforms have tried to compete with Tik Tok with the same weapon, which is short videos, and one of the most prominent social media platforms that adopted this idea was Instagram through Reels videos, and recently the YouTube platform added the short videos box, through which it seeks to confront Tik Tok, especially since A lot of content makers went to this platform.

In order to create competition between short videos on YouTube and Tik Tok, YouTube has created a huge financial fund of $100 million, to be distributed to the content creator in this box.

In today's article, we will learn who is eligible to profit from short YouTube videos, and what are the conditions for profiting from short YouTube videos, so you should follow this article to know the details.

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What is the fund for YouTube short videos?

In order to create a competitive opportunity in the field of short videos, which is led by Tik Tok, YouTube has allocated a sum of $100 million to the creator of short video content, which is intended to reward content creators for their production of short videos.

YouTube will communicate with thousands of content creators every month to tell them that they are eligible to receive a reward for the short videos from the financial fund designated for this purpose.

Does my channel have to be monetized?

This question came from many people based on the fact that many channels on YouTube did not meet the conditions for monetization of 4000 hours of actual video viewing and 1000 subscribers. Therefore, these channels that did not meet these conditions, can you profit from YouTube?

Yes, channels that did not meet the conditions for monetization and did not enter the YouTube Partner Program can monetize short videos on YouTube, as YouTube said the following: Channels do not need to activate the monetization features on YouTube to be eligible to benefit from the fund.

Creators of the YouTube Partner Program and MCN channels are also eligible for the fund as well.

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Conditions for monetizing short videos on YouTube

  1. Upload at least one video in the short videos field in the last 180 days
  2. Adhere to the YouTube forum guidelines, copyright, and monetization policy.
  3. To upload your own original videos that are not republished from other applications and sites such as YouTube and Instagram, or clips from films, television programs, football matches, etc., that is, you must be the owner of the original content.
  4. You must be 13 years of age or older if you are from the United States or the age of majority in the country in which you live.
  5. If the content creator is 13-18 years old, one of his parents must agree to the terms, and an AdSense account must also be created to receive payments if the channel is not linked to an account.

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