The strategy to get millions of views for YouTube Shorts

 The strategy to get millions of views for YouTube Shorts

The strategy to get millions of views for YouTube Shorts

What are Youtube Shorts?

YouTube Short is a short video shortcut designed for YouTube creators. YouTube Shorts allows creators to produce and upload 15-second videos using the tools on the YouTube app and the format is currently available in all countries.

Since the concept of short videos was launched in September 2020, YouTube short videos have seen strong adoption by creators around the world, with over 175 million views per day as the format has also been used by brands and advertisers to reach consumers on mobile.

A strategy for making short videos and getting millions of views youtube shorts

Short videos are not copyrighted, where we can take interesting foreign videos and react to them or react with our own creative touch and reaction, and there are many YouTube channels that have spread widely on YouTube and gained millions of permanent subscribers through this excellent idea and we will learn in This article is how to get such short videos, how to download them, how to make a reaction video for us, how to combine all this together, and finally publish the video.

An idea to access interesting short videos and how to get them

There is an excellent way to get interesting short videos that you can make your own reaction, as this type of short videos has spread widely on YouTube recently, and many YouTube content creators make this type of youtube shorts, and you can For any creator or content creator on the YouTube platform, make this type of short video and publish it, and get large views of these videos, and thus increase the number of permanent subscribers.

7 strategies to get interesting short videos

1. Download and open a new computer browser or incognito browser.

2. Create a new Gmail account with a YouTube channel for free.

3. Go to the main YouTube page.

4. Changing the country or location to a foreign country (such as India, China, the United States - the United Kingdom - etc.).

5. Change the language to the language of the country you chose in the previous point.

6. Go to the Shorts box, short videos, or the main short videos page.

7. It will show you videos from the same country or country that you have chosen.

With this, you can download the short videos that you like to your computer, and we will soon learn how to make an audio and video reaction quite easily.

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How to download short videos to your computer or mobile phone

After we learned how to get and find interesting short videos, we will learn how to download short videos to our computer or mobile phone quite easily.

1- We take the link of the short video to be downloaded (copy)

2- Go to this site - download short videos for free

3- Paste the link taken into the box (paste your video link here)

4- We click on the word Download

5- Choose the quality you want to download the short video in

6- We click download or download and then choose the place to save

Make a video of you making a reaction to the short video

You must add your own touch to the foreign sexy short videos that you want to publish on your channel, do not publish the videos without modification on your channel because this will expose you to problems with YouTube, you and your channel needless.

You can learn the content of the short video about what he is talking about and shoot an audio and video of you as you react to what is happening inside the video. , the more negative returns on your YouTube channel, and the bottom line is in your creativity on short videos and the enjoyment of viewers to the maximum.

Merge short videos and make a montage without software!

After obtaining the short videos and uploading them to your computer or mobile phone, and also after shooting a video that you react or react to the short videos in your own language, we will need a short video montage program or website that changes the features of the short video and merges the response video We did our own with him adding some creative touches in the montage for a bigger and better spread.

We will not download a heavy editing program such as Adobe Premiere or After Effects and other heavy and large editing programs, but we will use a montage site or a professional editing platform, which is the invideo platform.

invideo montage platform

The famous and distinguished invideo platform in the video industry and montage, where you can make short videos online without the need for montage programs or to install any montage program on your computer. Video editing work.

The invideo platform for online video montage is characterized by the ease of work and video making for beginners, especially short videos, as it surpasses Adobe Premiere and other editing programs as it contains more than 5000+ free templates ready for modification only, and also excels in excellent partnerships with awesome video sites such as stock and others.

Youtube Shorts download site ๐Ÿ”›

video montage website๐Ÿ”›

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