Linking the blog with Adsense through 4 steps and tips that will help you make profits

Linking the blog with Adsense through 4 steps and tips that will help you make profits

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To link the blog with Adsense, you need a website that has high traffic during the month. If you have this website, you must have already thought about how to profit financially from it, because big websites and YouTube channels are good sources of income. Since there are many ways to make money, today we will talk about making money with Adsense.

We will explain in detail how you can link the blog with Adsense, but before that, we should clarify what Adsense is. It is a Google advertising program that gives you the advantage of placing ads that match the content of your website.

The profit mechanism is achieved by visitors entering your website and seeing or clicking on the ads while browsing. It is worth noting that Google retains a percentage of these profits, which means that the profits are shared between you and Google, so both Google and the publisher benefit.

After you place the ads on your website, you can see them, but you should be careful not to click on them according to the Adsense program guidelines. Apart from the fact that Adsense is completely free to use, you are also not required to pay for using the program.

Rather, you will be paid by Google for the impressions and clicks on the ads. If you see an ad on your website that you do not like, you can block it so that it does not appear anymore.

How to link a blog with Adsense

Among the many content management systems, you can easily create a website with, we mention WordPress and Blogger only because they are more popular than others and offer the possibility to enable AdSense on them. After you create your AdSense account, you can link your website to it. Here we advise you to use the free Google Site Kit extension, which allows you to easily link between your website and Google services in WordPress. You can see how to create a blog on WordPress 100% Arabic without experience and benefit from it:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard, then to the list of plugins, and click Add New. Then look for Site Kit, install it, activate it, and do not forget to customize its settings.
  2. Go to the Site Kit dashboard and click Connect Service.
  3. Add the Adsense code to your pages by allowing the site kit to add the Adsense code.
  4. Go to your Adsense account and enable ad serving on your site.
As for Blogger, you can link the blog with Adsense as follows:

Click Blog after you are logged into Blogger.
Go to the menu on the left, click on Revenue, and then on Create Adsense Account.
Select the email address associated with your Blogger account, fill out the AdSense form, and then click Create Account.
Confirm the ownership of your phone number, enter the payment details, and then click Submit to be automatically transferred to Blogger afterward, or you can do it manually by clicking Next.

  1. After you have linked the blog to Adsense, you can choose to display the ads between posts or in columns to be displayed between posts:
  2. Select the blog where you want the ads to appear.
  3. Go to the menu on the right side of the page and click Format.
  4. Then, under (Page Text), click Edit Blog Posts, and under (Main), check Show Ads Between Posts.
  5. Then choose how you want the ad to look and how often you want it to appear, and then click Save.

 As for displaying ads in columns: Follow steps #1 and #2, but instead of clicking Edit Blog Posts, click Add Widget in Sidebar. Click the extension icon next to Adsense and then click Save. To see your earnings report in Blogger, go to the menu on the right side of the page and click the earnings icon so you can see your earnings by linking the blog to Adsense.

Types of websites that generate high profits

There are websites that earn high profits from Adsense compared to other types of websites, including:

Blogs: There are many ways to monetize them. You can offer and sell training courses or provide private advertising space for businesses. Or you can resort to linking the blog to Adsense. This offers pre-made ads that relate to your content and help you make good profits when visitors interact with them. For more details: your comprehensive guide to creating successful blogs in 5 steps.

Free tools: for example, the tool to convert images to GIFs or remove background from images, or for example ilovepdf.com, which offers many benefits such as extracting images from a pdf file, adding a watermark to the file, and many other benefits. This tool displays Google ads when they enter the page, and the more people need them, the higher their visit rates and profit.

Forums: Despite the lack of Arabic forums and their rarity today, they are a good source of income. The forum is similar to a Facebook group where members share discussions and questions, which means frequent visits. An example of this is the cat forum where people share advice and questions about the health of their cats and some jokes.

Tips for accepting the Adsense link

The famous Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to track the performance of your website and the level of its appearance in search results, as well as identify and solve problems.

In addition to the PageSpeed Insights tool provided by Google, it checks the speed of your website and displays some important data for optimization. As a prerequisite for your website to contain SEO-friendly content, you can use the Yoast SEO and Rank Math tools to write SEO-friendly content to improve your website's ranking in the results.

You can benefit more by reading the article SEO SEO for your website's success. So what are the ways to achieve this success? With 3 sets of tools for optimization, it's all about how you can improve search engines and find ways to succeed in linking the blog with Adsense.

Here are more tips:

  • Your website must include these pages (About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Contact Us).
  • Do not apply for the Google Adsense program as soon as you create the website, but wait until you have about 50 meaningful and exclusive articles and 15,000 visitors on the pages.
  • Linking the blog to Adsense requires a well thought out publishing schedule at a reasonable rate per week so that Google can notice your rush to publish to fill your site with lots of articles, so calm down and remember that Google is also interested in the content, not just numbers.
  • Building channels on your social media will help you get accepted. You should include posting on social media in your plan. This will make it easier for Google to archive your website and help you get a good traffic rate for your website for free.
  • Before applying to Google Adsense, make sure that you block all ads from AdSense-like ad networks because that alone is a sufficient reason to reject your website.
  • The age of the applicant must not be less than 18 years old.
  • Do not use free domains ending in: wordpress.com/ blogspot.com. Do not use free plugins and templates.
In the end, you should know that it is not that difficult to link the blog with Adsense and profit from it. If your blog contains exclusive and useful content on a good hosting and paid domain and does not complain about any software problems, the probability that it will be accepted in Adsense will increase.

If your application is rejected, do not lose hope, but try to fix the problems that Google pointed out in the rejection letter you received. However, you should keep in mind that the amount you receive from Adsense is a variable amount and not a fixed amount like a permanent one because it depends on the fluctuating number of visits to your website. So do not make Adsense the ceiling of your ultimate ambitions and think about other ways to make money from websites. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
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